Leipzig’s Lord Mayor: Nobel Prize crowns Pääbo’s work

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Created: 03.10.2022Updated: 10/3/2022 2:32 p.m


Thomas Perlmann, member of the Nobel Committee, announces the winner of the Nobel Prize. © Henrik Montgomery/TT News Agency/AP/dpa

Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung congratulated Svante Pääbo on winning the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This “crowns his decades of work,” said the SPD politician, according to a statement on Monday. “And Leipzig can be proud of having made a small contribution.” Jung praised the Swede, who has been conducting research at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in the city since 1997, as a “gifted scientist who has worked meticulously and purposefully for decades Has”.

Leipzig – Pääbo has focused on a discipline that has so far only said very few people. “With his research in the field of paleogenetics, he put our innermost core – our DNA – in relation: Neanderthals live on in us,” said Jung. “It hasn’t died out, it’s part of our heritage.” Pääbo proves “that there are no rigid boundaries between people; the exchange is our constant.” And: “He can explain his research; he makes them clear and pictorial.” dpa

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