Lena Papadakis vs Robin Montgomery prediction (03.06.2022), bets and odds

On 06/03/2022 at 11:00 Moscow time, a match will be held as part of the ITF Championship, in which Lena Papadakis will enter the court, and Robin Montgomery will face in this fight.


The tennis confrontation between Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery will be held as part of the next round of the prestigious international tournament, so according to the calendar of the organizers, it will take place on 06/03/2022. Thanks to bookmakers and their line, it is already known that the game starts at 11:00 Moscow time. In head-to-head statistics of five fights, Lena Papadakis is the leader with four victories and only one defeat.

Lena Papadakis – Robin Montgomery. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

Events that will take place on 06/03/2022 have appeared in the line of bookmakers, so in the tennis section you can find the match between Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery. For those who want to make a pre-match bet on the game, it is necessary to do this before 11:00 Moscow time, until the match starts. Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery have never met on the court, despite the fact that they occupy high positions in the tennis rankings and have been playing at a professional level for several years.

Lena Papadakis

This season, Lena Papadakis shows a much better form than last, although this year she managed to reach the final in this tournament. It’s an earlier stage now, so while no one doubts that Lena Papadakis will be able to go further. Moreover, in the previous two tournaments, we managed to go far, and the elimination was caused by defeats from the main contenders for victory. Yes, Lena Papadakis does not yet have enough experience, as she has been participating in tennis for only three years. But, on the other hand, Lena Papadakis has a colossal supply of energy, which allows even five grueling sets to run around the court at a high pace. As for this tournament, it is clear that Lena Papadakis does not play at full strength and saves energy, as she came across opponents who did not have to lay out all her trump cards to defeat them. Lena Papadakis loves hard with his fast game, so she will be able to please her fans again.

The start of the season was completely failed, so now Alize Cornet has little game practice. Only three matches were played, all of which ended in defeats, and only one managed to win one set. It was in a game with opponents who are significantly lower in the world tennis rankings. So, even though last year at this tournament we managed to reach the quarterfinals, it will be a surprise if this time we even manage to overcome the qualifying matches. Alize Cornet demonstrates an extremely weak level because there is no such aspect of the game in which there would be no problems. And with the filing, problems began, and the reception worsened, so that the marriage is visible all around. Alize Cornet does not feel the backline, and cannot close the area near the net simply because of poor speed. What happened in the offseason is not clear, so it is hoped that with an increase in playing practice the situation will improve so that Alize Cornet will not look so hopeless in all matches.

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Lena Papadakis – Robin Montgomery. HOW DID YOU PLAY WITH YOUR ONE?

For a long time, Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery could not cross rackets to determine who is the best athlete today. For a long time in the world of tennis there has been an opinion that these athletes are now the best, but before this tournament the paths of tennis players did not cross, so it was not easy to say which of them deserved the title of the best athlete on the tennis Olympus. Tennis fans, as well as world experts and forecasters, among whom there are employees of our site, believe that the result of this meeting will allow answering many questions. The media also do not stop actively discussing this match, offering not only to watch this confrontation online, but also actively sharing their predictions. In the light of such events, we also decided to offer tennis fans predictions for the central match of the tournament, in which Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery will meet. This will be a confrontation between worthy opponents, as tennis players are significantly superior to their counterparts in both physical and psychological preparation. Talks are going around whether one of the opponents will be able to win with little blood, or whether the fans are in for a tense confrontation, the winner of which will be determined by the decisive set. The advantage of the decisive set is that the intrigue remains until the end, and only the decisive draw can put an end to this confrontation, determining the winner of the match. And the predictions from our experts will allow you to watch this match with even greater interest, as bettors will be able to make a variety of bets, thereby increasing the chances of winning.

Lena Papadakis approaches this tournament in excellent shape, so she will try to make every effort to defend last year’s title. Up to this stage, five duels have already been played, and in all of them there were not only easy victories, but not a single game was lost. But the opponents were not the weakest, so this once again confirms that Lena Papadakis is not at the peak of her abilities, so few people will be able to stop the tennis star. Lena Papadakis cannot boast of the strongest serve, but she has high speed, and little effort was spent on previous matches. Lena Papadakis tries not to focus on strength at the first serve, but simply uses many variations, trying to confuse her opponent. In draws, Lena Papadakis demonstrates stably, plays reliably when exchanging blows on the back line, and in terms of combinational play, there are no worthy competitors at the moment.

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Robin Montgomery spends this season rather unconvincingly, so the bookmakers put the 42nd racket of the world in the favorites of this fight solely because of the higher position in the tennis rating. The first two tournaments were already lost at the first stage, and in the third one they managed to get through the first round, but only due to the fact that the opponent had a relapse of the injury. And already in the second round there was a defeat in two games. It is unlikely that something has changed a lot after that, so in this match, Alize Cornet will again not be able to show a confident game, but will make a lot of stupid mistakes. On the court, Robin Montgomery is too nervous, which is clearly seen in the reception of the ball, as well as the fact that so many unnecessary movements are made. This season, Robin Montgomery allows too much marriage on the back line, and in draws he often forces things too much, which leads to the loss of the ball. As for putting the ball into play, everything is far from perfect here.

Today match Lena Papadakis – Robin Montgomery Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

A prestigious tennis tournament is always a lot of interesting matches in which opponents of different levels meet. Among a large number of matches our analysts have chosen to predict the match between Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery. Despite the fact that the athletes occupy different lines of the rating, in fact, in this tournament they have equal chances to advance to the next round. The fact is that the coverage of the tournament perfectly suits the style of play of a tennis player who occupies a position in the ranking that is much lower than his opponent. But a tennis player who is higher in the ranking does not have enough experience of playing on this surface. This is confirmed by personal meetings of tennis players. Of course, the advantage in them is on the side of a more titled opponent, however, several meetings that took place on just such a type of coverage clearly show that this coverage is non-core for him, and here the less titled opponent won. In general, despite the fact that the line of the bookmakers has already somewhat bent towards our forecast, we still believe that the outsider of the bookmakers in this match has excellent chances not only to impose a fight on his more famous and titled opponent, but also to win. The rest of our analysts’ predictions for this match can be found below.

Our analysts paid attention to the tennis match between Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery due to the fact that the bookmakers offered very tempting odds for the victory of one of the athletes. If you take a look at the rating of the opponents, you can see that they occupy adjacent lines, but this does not mean that at the moment they are in the same shape. Recall that the surface on which this tennis tournament is held is quite specific, not all representatives of tennis feel comfortable on it. Robin Montgomery is just one of those athletes who are uncomfortable playing on this type of surface. In fact, Robin Montgomery plays the second or third match on this surface this season. But Lena Papadakis just knows how to perform on this surface. This is confirmed by the high stages and titles of a number of tournaments. Based on this, our analysts offer to bet on the fact that Lena Papadakis will win the match, moreover, bookmakers offer prohibitively high odds for this event. We also have an offer for this match for more risky bettors – this is a minus odds for our favorite. Lena Papadakis won without any problems in head-to-head meetings that the opponents had on this type of coverage, so we see no reason not to win this match confidently. The same applies to the total number of games, which we recommend playing for less, since Lena Papadakis is unlikely to drag out the match with an opponent for whom the coverage is non-core.

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TODAY MATCH Lena Papadakis – Robin Montgomery. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

For the match in which Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery will meet, bookmakers have offered a rather interesting line. Recall that bookmakers draw up a line for tennis matches based on the rating and current form of athletes. Judging by the way the opponents started the season, they are ready to show good results in all the tournaments they take part in. Therefore, our analysts believe that the line set by the bookmakers is correct. However, this did not prevent us from carefully analyzing the possibility of victory for one and the other athlete in this match, and offer our predictions for this confrontation. We know that now in tennis there is a serious struggle for places in the rankings. The situation is such that a number of tennis players have excellent chances to improve their positions in the rankings by taking a higher place. To do this, it is necessary to show consistently high results in all major tournaments. And this tournament is no exception. Now the most important stages are starting, and the further the opponents go through the tournament bracket, the more rating points they will get for participating in the tournament. Therefore, now all athletes will act at the limit of their capabilities, actively playing not only on their serve, but also clinging to every point on the opponent’s serve. Thanks to this, we can guarantee that Lena Papadakis and Robin Montgomery will play a spectacular and active match, in which they will delight the audience with bright attacking tennis, with many interesting combinations.



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