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America laughs free: Let’s go Brandon!

Everywhere in the United States the chants resound: “Let’s go Brandon!”. What’s it all about? And what role does Joe Biden play in this?

For weeks there have been chants at events in the United States of America where “Fuck Joe Biden“ is sung. At the beginning of October 2021, the Approval rate of the president Joe Biden at 42 percent.

For comparison, here are the average ratings of the last presidents: Ronald Reagan: 53% / George Bush: 61% / Bill Clinton: 55% / George W. Bush: 49% / Barack Obama: 48% / Donald Trump: 41%

When driver Brandon Brown took victory in a Nascar race in Alabama in October 2021, the interviewed NBC-Journalist Kelli Stavast the winner. During the interview the choirs were in the background „Fuck Joe Biden“ to listen. But Kelli Stavast declared that the people would „Let‘s go Brandon“ call.

Now many people who demonstrate against Joe Biden have made this saying their own and document their displeasure with the 46th President of the United States of America by speaking out loud „Let‘s go Brandon“ call. It is also an ironic protest against the type of media coverage.

There are even some songs around already „Let‘s go Brandon“. I’ve translated a couple of songs. Some of them are very explicit sentences:

Loza Alexander text:

“Let’s go Brandon – you know what they’re really saying. And I say it with a passion while hissing off in the Aston. Nobody likes their ass, do they? He’s trying to cover up, but feel free to tell people “Let’s go Brandon” because we know what they’re really saying. You can hear the singing in every post. Nobody wants this commie because we are not in China. Everyone hated Trump and now they finally want a corpse. That’s what they get for treating us like they are in Squid Game. Green light, mandate, like he’s crazy. Now people are waking up to all of this. “Let’s go Brandon”, but we all know what the saying means. “

Forgiato Blow text:

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Americans shout: “Let’s go Brandon”. Patriots shout: “Let’s go Brandon”. The media, they’re trying to fool us. You know she heard “Fuck Joe Biden” too. Sleepyhead Joe has no support. I-hear-you-Biden should better appear in court. Fake news tries to silence the truth. We, the people, are trying to save the youth. I am not taking a vaccine. I’m not going to the southwest. Don’t even ask me. And I don’t wear a mask, they’re gross. And all you liberals, you’d better try to harass me. You know we tried to stop the theft. You or I, Republican, take the red pill. Now the whole world is screaming: “Fuck Joe Biden”.

Bryson Gray text:

“Somebody has to do it. I’m holding a drum like I’m Nick Cannon. The pandemic isn’t real, they just planned it. When you ask questions, they start to banish you. Biden says vaccination will stop the spread. It was a lie.

You’re so woke, but haven’t your eyes open? These politicians are demons, just in disguise. Check out Kyrie Irving and Nicki Minaj. Take a look at Australia. That’s next if we don’t get up. Stop allowing them to take our rights. It’s time to fight back.

Republicans vote for gun laws. That’s just what I can’t trust. If you ask questions about vaccination, they’ll block you. This is about control. Everyone knows that. Everyone agrees, weighing the pros and cons. I don’t need a plane, I just took to the streets. I do what I want, I can’t sell my soul.

The market is about to crash. This is what you chose. To ruin the country, I think that’s the goal. You follow the signs, I take narrow streets. I am a man of God, I can never give up. And it is clear that the man is a wreck. Now the Taliban are a threat, standing on our necks and singing: “Death to America”.

As soon as you are president, they sing: “Death America”. Listen, I don’t think you’re listening. Let me make it clear: better keep your hands on you. This stuff is weird. I wish I could go out to play with you in the back yard. Steal the ball. You can take the vaccine, I fear God, I am not afraid of people. I’m in tenth gear believe me we’re ready to fight.

The only game Joe has mastered is fumbling. I think we all know he left for lunch, that guy went camping. I am a Christian so how should I put it? “Let’s go Brandon!”

Patriots on the street raise the alarm. They hunt us for telling the truth. Knock the pedo down. Let’s save all the youth. Media lie. Ignore all that crying. You better build back, but only the Taliban. Pilots are on strike, but that doesn’t matter to Joe. You open the border, lose all order. They divide us to make them know that we will never win.

But we have united, we here in the stadiums. Everyone sings it. CNN slandered. Biden collapses. And the Democrats are stealing it. We look at Joe. Can we get a refund? How about some mean tweets? Joe is a crook and he knows how to deceive. FJB is the motto in these streets. Sing it to me. “

YouTube posted the video for this song on der Platform von Bryson Gray turned off.

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