Letter to the King of Spain is more symbolic than harmful in the relationship: internationalists

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made public the letter he sent to the King of Spain, Felipe VI, in March 2019, in which he asked him to offer an apology to the original peoples of Mexico for the abuses that were committed during the Conquest .

The event that caused controversy was resumed almost two years later, reflecting the importance it has for Mexico, according to internationalists.

Luis Antonio Huacuja Acevedo, academic and specialist in the European Union, stressed that the issue must be understood in its proper dimension, which will not cause a dispute or complicate the bilateral relationship, as it is a more symbolic issue.

“The issue is relevant for the Mexican government but it is not so relevant for the Spanish government. However, although Spain has tried to minimize the response with a touch of pride, the situation has been exploited on the political issue. Furthermore, it coincides with the questioning of the permanence of the monarchy after corruption cases ”, he specified.

The consultant also endorsed that there are more coincidences than differences between the two countries, as expressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Arancha González Laya, during her visit to Mexico last November.

“That the issue is talked about or discussed does not hurt anyone. That is what history is reviewed for “.

Mario Ojeda Revah, professor-researcher at UNAM’s Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CIALC), considered that the president is aiming abroad to divert attention from serious internal problems in Mexico, such as the health pandemic.

“There is something that historians of the twentieth century call negative integration, usually right-wing governments, paradoxically, when they see their popularity decline, they look for a foreign enemy to which to divert attention to internal problems, that is, to blame outside in a moment in which things seem not to go out to the government of the 4T, “he said.

“It is ridiculous to bring up the subject again and target the leftist government day, noon and night. Spain is also our bridge with the European Union, I don’t understand what it is looking for ”.

The researcher highlighted that the position of the Mexican president contrasts with the servile silence in favor of the Donald Trump government. “Why don’t you ask Trump to return California, New Mexico, Arizona, etc? It is a more recent event, it was a robbery that the Mexican Republic received, not Tenochtitlán,” he concluded.

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