Letters to the Editor: January 2, 2023

letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor: January 2, 2023

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Didn’t learn anything?

30th of December: “Montgomery requires testing for travelers from China. Chairman of the World Medical Association fears new Covid 19 variants. Lauterbach rejects stricter measures”

How right Mr Montgomery is and how far-sighted the Italian Government is in recognizing the danger. Only our Health Minister Dr. Lauterbach, who is usually one of the first to warn about the virus, sees no reason to subject the incoming Chinese to a corona test. Does a new variant have to be introduced before our government reacts? She doesn’t seem to have learned anything yet. We have got the pandemic under control through a number of measures and due to the careless behavior of Dr. Lauterbach that our economy, healthcare system and population will once again be weakened and put under enormous strain. I have no sympathy for such recklessness.

Fred Mordhorst

This is coffee grounds reading

December 29: “Weather 2023 – how to plan your weekends”

The “expert” Frank Böttcher gives a weather forecast for the year 2023! That amazes me, since meteorologists can predict the weather for tomorrow and maybe with some certainty for the day after tomorrow, but they are often wrong on the third day, after that it’s more like reading coffee grounds, you could also consult an oracle. And now a whole year? What he has done is merely a static processing, with which he calculates probabilities. But we want to believe that in good spirits and are planning weekend trips for the third weekend in April and the first weekend in May, as a test. Let’s see. Will probably be full.

Gerard Mack

Watched for three years

December 29: “Emergency rooms appeal to Hamburgers: Please don’t bang!”

It’s easy to argue about the sense or nonsense of New Year’s firecrackers. However, if such appeals to protect hospitals are still necessary in the third Corona year, even though “Corona” is no longer raging significantly, something is wrong in the healthcare system. New Year’s Eve celebrations and waves of infection also existed earlier, without fearing for the capacity of the hospitals and without “mask requests” being announced that were no longer justified by Corona. As a politician, you shouldn’t look on for three years if there is a lack of hospital capacity and then keep talking about an exceptional situation that is supposed to justify ongoing restrictions.

dr Raimond Emde, Hamburg

A bitter realization

December 30: Dohnanyi on Friday: “We have been further”

Mr. Dohnanyi’s submissions call for protest. His reference “Immanuel Kant spoke of mutual self-interest” and his statement “of economic dependencies” with the comment “we were already further” do not apply to the current tricky political situation. As long as there are people of Putin’s caliber, these cheap statements are smoke and mirrors. Change through trade, which is perhaps a modern interpretation of Kant and has been practiced in recent decades, has not saved us from a Putin. Unfortunately, this is the bitter realization: Talks with a diabolical despot who cannot achieve his goals but does not shy away from “doing” the total annihilation of the Ukrainian state because defeat cannot be admitted cannot open peace negotiations. There is no longer a politburo in Russia, as there was in the USSR, when power structures could be kept in balance.

Folkert sculptor

Stop or accelerate

December 22: “Waitzstraße again: Senior drives to the café terrace. SUV rushes into outdoor gastronomy”

I worked as an instructor for safety training for six years and can therefore state that automatic cars are almost always operated incorrectly because the drivers (mostly former shift car drivers) operate these cars with both feet instead of how it is correct and how it is taught , only with the right foot. You only ever have one choice when doing this: stop or accelerate. A mix-up and such accidents are thus avoidable.

Rainer Manthey

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