Life flows from Magnetic through “broken windows”

The village of Magnitny Zheleznogorsk region was considered quite prosperous in its time. Our own hospital, a spacious kindergarten – all this has remained the reality of the twentieth century. In the 21st century, even the “launch” of street lighting would be a boon for local residents. With the onset of darkness, you can walk along individual streets only by focusing on the light of a flashlight or reflections from the windows of houses. A fairly large urban-type settlement, gradually, if not dying out, then certainly rolls back into the pre-civilization past.

Numerous attempts by local residents to draw the attention of officials to what is happening have so far failed. Those in power simply do not want to hear anything about the problems that people have to face every day. A few years ago, there was no problem with personnel in the Kurbakinsky department of general medical practice, which the locals call simply “hospital”. At the same time, mostly natives of Magnitnoye, graduates of KSMU who returned to their small homeland, worked here. Unless a couple of specialists moved here from other localities.

For several years, both a hospital and physiotherapy rooms operated in the Kurbakinsky department of general medical practice, and its own laboratory made it possible to quickly obtain test results. Both adults and children received help here. However, with the launch of the optimization process, there were no specialists left, and no one was in a hurry to lure doctors who could move to the district. As a result, the two-story building, to which all communications were connected, is simply idle and gradually collapsing. Where lives were once saved, today only young people gather in the evenings, and the once perfectly clean walls are covered with graffiti.

It did not help to solve the problem with the provision of medical care to the population and the FAP, which was originally offered to people as an alternative. The “first-aid post” in question, eight years ago, according to local residents, could well have helped patients not only with measuring blood pressure or consulting a therapist or pediatrician, but also gynecological and dental offices worked in it. Here are just the personnel issue, it seems, at one time was not completely resolved. The specialists who came here to work did not stay late, they were looking for a replacement each time longer and longer. And if initially people were surprised simply why someone considered a major two-story building less suitable for providing medical care than a “hastily erected barrack of three rooms”, today they are quite ready to agree to this option as well. If only the FAP works.

However, recently on the door of the first-aid post below the schedule with the schedule of admission there has been an ad: “No admission. Doctor in Mikhailovka. ” As a result, with any discomfort, people have to go several tens of kilometers to that very Mikhailovka. If you have your own transport, the problem is quite solvable. If not, communication with the doctor will have to be “adjusted” not only to the schedule of his work, but also to the bus schedule. At the same time, not only residents of Magnitny, but also the entire Zheleznogorsk region come to the same Mikhailovka. People wait in line for several hours to finally get to the right specialist. Why not split the streams? For example, the same residents of Magnitny cannot be sent to Zheleznogorsk, through which they already have to get to Mikhailovka, and which, moreover, is sixteen kilometers closer? But no. “In Zheleznogorsk,” people complain, “we are simply not accepted. We are considered residents of rural areas, although we are listed as an urban-type settlement, therefore, we must strictly go through Mikhailovka, like other rural residents. Where is the logic?”

People say that there have already been situations when it was possible to contact through the first-aid post if, for example, a child fell ill, but in order to discharge the baby and get a certificate that he was healthy, he had to go to Mikhailovka. During the “sick leave” the doctor managed to quit. “We do not understand why we cannot find a doctor for our first-aid post? Is this not justified? Despite the fact that the village is large and there are many residents, including youth and children. And also the eternal mess with medical policies. She, too, is capable of pretty bad nerves, ”- say the local residents.

It is clear that forcibly driving a doctor to the village will not work, but it is quite possible to provide some guarantees for a visiting specialist, help him with housing, placing children in a school or kindergarten. But for some reason, officials ignore this issue, and local residents simply cannot solve the problem on their own.

“So far, we cannot hope not only that the building of the former hospital will be put in order, but also that, in principle, it will be secured, made inaccessible to homeless people and youth seeking adventure,” local residents admit. – Is it realistic to bring the owners to justice? Perhaps, many dream of getting an answer to this question. But no matter how much we turn to officials, the answer is the same: the building belongs to Russian Railways, and we cannot influence them. Sorry, but Russian Railways is not a poor organization that is quite capable of solving the problem. There would be a desire! “

The issue of the former kindergarten, which continues to decay and next to which, according to local residents, will soon become completely dangerous to walk, not that trying to get inside, remains unresolved. Another unsightly spot in the village is the former shop-cafe, which is also gradually turning into a brothel.

The almost perfectly preserved sign with the name of the Zhemchuzhina restaurant is perceived today as a mockery.

The question is, with such an attitude, is it possible to instill patriotism and love for a small homeland, to persuade people not to leave Magnit in search of a new life? Hardly, which means that at some point during the next census, one blank spot on the map of the Kursk region may become more, as more and more of these “Pearls” become on the outskirts, and sometimes in the center of our region.

Social technologist Roman Alekhin, who was approached by residents of Magnitnoye, could not help but ask a completely natural question: what about the “fight against broken windows”, which they sincerely promised to carry out in the region during the election campaign?

“Two years have passed, but the number of broken windows in the region has not decreased, and some settlements are turning into one“ broken window ”of the Kursk region. And the village of Magnitny is one example. Yes, it would hardly be right to blame Starovoit for this situation in Magnitnoye, but two years of inactivity, if there is a MGOK nearby, and also taking into account that one of the buildings belongs to Russian Railways, which is obliged to monitor its proper condition or dismantle it, says that nothing will change in the fate of Magnitny residents. (…) And, unfortunately, more and more FAPs and outpatient clinics await this in today’s mediocre healthcare management, in which it is believed that the main thing is not people, but to make more FAPs, build more medical buildings and buy more equipment. Soon there will be instructions on the wall: how to measure blood pressure, how temperature, how to get an ultrasound scan and take a cardiogram, how to decipher and what pills to prescribe for yourself, ”Roman Alekhin noted in a post he posted on his own pages on social networks.

Time will tell if the residents of Magnitnoye will be heard after the publication of the publication, or will their problems be dismissed once again.

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