Lionel Messi in Rosario: he arrived in his hometown after celebrating in Buenos Aires for winning the Qatar 2022 World Cup

To your land. The best player of World Cup Qatar 2022the Argentinian Lionel Messiarrived this Tuesday at his home in Rosario, his hometown, after the celebration in Buenos Aires with the rest of the Argentina national team.

The PSG striker, Lionel Messitraveled in a private plane with another of the Rosario internationals, Ángel Di María, with whom he arrived at the airport of Rosario around 18:30 local time.

On the aerodrome’s own runway, both Messi as the popular ‘Fideo’ Di María boarded a helicopter that took them to the residence that both have inside the Kentucky Country Club.

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Lionel Messi already steps on Rosario soil

At the door of the private neighborhood located in the town of Funes (a small town in the province of Santa Fe, whose main city is Rosario), in the midst of a great bustle of cars coming and going and police presence, several groups of fans they concentrated in the hope of greeting their idol.

When the car that was transporting him arrived at the gate of the private compound, several security agents controlled the euphoria unleashed by the neighbors who wanted to pay homage to one of the most illustrious sons of the city, who also saw the birth of the also emblematic footballer and cartoonist Roberto Fontanarrosa or the musician Fito Páez.

The family of Lionel Messi I was already in Rosario since the eveso it was expected that the Argentinian star would arrive shortly in his hometown, which has lived with great happiness the achievement of the Albiceleste and, above all, the performance of ‘la Pulga’.

At 4:23 am Peruvian time, Aerolíneas Argentinas flight AR1915 carrying the delegation, headed by the president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Claudio Tapia, and the Albiceleste coach, Lionel Scaloni, landed in the Ezeiza International Airport, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Messi’s arrival in Argentina with the trophy

The plane that transported the team, an Airbus 330 that the flag carrier plotted months ago with images of players -which includes a large Lionel Messi in the tail of the aircraft- and a large albiceleste shirt to transport the fans who they would travel from Argentina to Qatar, he was baptized on the track.

Minutes before 5:00 am, an exultant ‘Leo’ with the world champion trophy in his hands along with the coach and the leader of the AFA were the first to descend from the aircraft and, little by little, they lowered the rest of the members of the ‘Scaloneta’. (EFE)


Is it likely that visitors to Qatar will return home with MERS or “camel virus”?

Mass gatherings such as sporting events and festivals create ideal conditions for person-to-person transmission of a variety of infectious diseases, which can spread rapidly globally due to ease of travel. Two massive events were held simultaneously in Qatar, the 2022 FIFA World Cup championship and the Camel Mzayen Club camel beauty pageant festival.

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