Lionheart Wrestling Association Genesis – Alberto el Patron defeats Carlito in Florida – Superfights

Anthony Pineiro

By Wrath Algarin

Last Saturday, January 7, the Lionheart Wrestling Association presented its first “Genesis” event at the Kissimmee Civic Center in the state of Florida, different super stars said present from different parts of the world such as Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the United States.

anubis lwa 2
In the event, the fan who was present was able to see their favorite wrestlers up close, in the minis match it was one that the children who were present enjoyed, the ladies’ wrestling was one of the most applauded by the fans in which They faced directly from Colombia La Brava against the Mexican La Baronesa representing Robles Promotions, the latter coming out through the wide door in a fight with a lot of action, another fight in which the action did not stop from start to finish was when they faced the rude Controversial inc. against El Toro Salvaje and El Burro, which was not very easy for Controversial Inc., which was Mr. C and Salazar. At the end of the fight, they did not stop punishing the Wild Bull in the ring.

Anubis LWA
One of the most anticipated fights of the night was the Revenge of the Lion Apollo against The Boogeyman, who himself could not be present at the event due to a fracture that immobilized him, although to the surprise of the fans and the Lion Apollo who was inside the Ring waiting to see if his opponent would arrive or not, he was beaten from behind by the Nile Monster Anubis, the president also appeared before the public giving a few words and presenting the Company Championship that will be sought in the future the fighter who wants to hold the title.

Alberto del Rio LWA

In the stellar fight once again they faced each other and this time in “LWA” Carlitos Caribbean Cool and Alberto El Patron a fight that these two Ex-WWE had all the fans on the edge of their chairs, each one showing their skill and Carlitos showing his great physique Applies the “Backstabber” to El Patrón and the public counts him to 10 since the Referee was on the ground due to a chair hit by Alberto by accident, Alberto gets up and takes advantage of the situation in order to end the fight and a very confused and hurt referee how much 1 2 and 3 so Alberto el Patron celebrates his victory with the fans.

In addition to these, there were more matches that you can see the results on the Lionheart Wrestling Association home page and you will find out what this company will bring next.

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