Lions kill each other in zoo

The incident occurred in the US state of Alabama. A male lion killed a female on the first visit. The employees are destroyed.

Löwin Akili lived in Alabama for more than 15 years until a new lion came to the zoo. The male animal killed the female directly at the first encounter. The lioness, which the zoo described as a long -standing favorite animal, was killed within a few minutes after the arrival of the new Löwen Josh.

Scott Kayser, the head of the zoo’s predator department, said that the first -time merging of animals is “always risky” and the death of Akili is a memory that it is still wild animals. “Animal encounters are always risky because wild animals can be unpredictable and we cannot control their interactions,” said Hollie Colahan, deputy director of the zoo.

The Birmingham Zoo/Facebook

“Unfortunately, Akili suffered serious injuries within the first few minutes of encounter, and despite the immediate intervention of the animal health care and animal health team, she succumbed to her injuries and died.” Akili had lived in Alabama’s zoo since 2007 after she was born two years earlier at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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