“Lisa” dissipates near Mexico and Florida is attentive to a possible cyclone

tropical depression Lisa dissipated this Saturday (5) off the southeastern coast of Mexicowhere it has caused strong rainyWhile Florida (USA) monitors the possible formation of a tormenta tropical that would produce a very rainy day on Tuesday, the day the country holds mid-term legislative elections.

As reported this Saturday by the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), the remnants of Lisa They were located at 10 in the morning, central time, about 245 km north-northeast of the Mexican Veracruz and had maximum sustained winds of 35 km/h.

what remains of Lisawhich last Wednesday made landfall in Belize and where it caused power and water outages, it is moving to the northwest near 7 km/h and its remnants are expected to wander over the southwest of the Gulf of Mexico this weekend, according to the NHC.

The US meteorological center, based in Miami (Florida), keeps an eye on two areas of low pressure in the Atlanticone of which is located in the east of the caribbean sea and in the next few days it could become a tropical depression on its northbound track over the southwestern Atlantic basin.

The NHC warns of an “increasing risk of coastal flooding, hurricane force winds, heavy precipitation, strong surf and beach erosion” by the middle of next week in much of the southeastern United States coast, especially in eastern Florida. , as well as in areas of the central and northwestern Bahamas.

Regardless of whether or not a cyclone forms, this area of ​​low pressure can lead to heavy rains this weekend in Puerto Rico and the virgin islands.

The other area of ​​low pressure is several hundred kilometers east of Bermuda and could transform into a depression in the next 2-3 days, although no further development is anticipated after that period, according to the NHC.

With information and image from EFE

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