Lisa Montgomery and the death penalty in 2021

2021, Lisa Montgomery is the first woman to be killed by lethal injection, for a murder she committed in 2004. It is absurd that, in the 21st century, in a democracy, in a developed state, the death penalty is still in effect. force. As violent and heinous as the crime may be, the death penalty is only murder perpetuated by the state. It is not justice, but revenge.

This morning, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, the Trump administration killed Lisa Montgomery with the death penalty, making her the first woman to be executed with the death penalty in 70 years. However, at the center of the story must not be the “a woman was killed with the death penalty “, ma «In 2021 the death penalty still existsAnd it is nothing short of scandalous.

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Before Lisa Montgomery, Bonnie Brown Heady, for kidnapping and killing Bobby Greenlease, a 6-year-old boy, and Ethel Rosenber, a 35-year-old woman accused of espionage, were killed on the death penalty. But let’s talk about the 1950s, 70 years ago, when there was a very different and inferior climate and mentality to what we should have today.

And instead, in Indiana, in the Terre Haute prison, Lisa Montgomery was killed with the death penalty. He was 52 years old and was guilty of killing, in 2004, a 23-year-old pregnant woman, Bobbie Jo Stinnett. However, it was not limited to this, but it has kidnapped the fetus she had in her womb, carrying it around as if she had given birth to it, leaving the bled mother to die. The little girl miraculously managed to survive, and today she is 16 years old.

Lisa Montgomery: 11th execution to death under Trump

To report the sad news (sad because it is absurd that the death penalty is still perpetuated in a civil state like Indiana, in a continent as developed as America), was among the many also Amnesty International Italia, which writes :

«Put to death” and not executed as many write, because justice does not provide for murder, justice would have been life imprisonment, making her live her whole life in jail. Not execute as it happened in the Far West or centuries ago, when there was still no respect for human lives. Lisa Montgomery did not deserve to live a happy and carefree life because she had not only killed a woman but had also taken away a mother from a child, but she certainly did not deserve to die.

However, it is not correct either to justify his gesture saying he had experienced a «Life of abuse and torture“. Her stepfather sexually abused her and her mother made her prostitute to pay the bills, when she was three years old she witnessed the babysitter raping her five year older step sister, she was regularly beaten by her stepfather and her mother when she found out that her partner was raping the daughter, blamed her.

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The stepfather organized real gang violence with his friends, they urinated on her, the mother forced her to have relations with the plumber and the electrician if they needed something. She was threatened with death if only she tried to tell social workers what was going on in the home. She was bipolar, depressed, psychotic, suffering from anxiety, dissociation and even memory loss.

But that doesn’t justify a murder. Sandra Babcock, consultant on Lisa Montgomery’s legal team, says of her: “Lisa is not the worst of the worst. It is the most broken of all broken people. ” A childhood friend of his, Richard Chaney, on the other hand, believes that his death penalty is correct. He claims that many people live with trauma without killing people:

«Not there [le persone con i traumi] go around killing pregnant women by cutting out their baby. I understand people who say the death penalty is wrong, but to what extent is such a crime forgiven? I think it is not always correct to say “an eye for an eye”, but I also think that the community has suffered enough and that it would help to put a point in the story».

Lisa Montgomery was supposed to have been killed last month, in December, but two of her lawyers tested positive for Covid-19 so her death has been postponed. Ms. Henry, Lisa Montgomery’s lawyer, tried in every way to avoid the death penalty to her client, making the judge understand her mental instability (even in her last months of life, she said pregnant and who had made it sterile).

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The lawyer, who fought not only against the death penalty for Lisa Montgomery, but against the death penalty, so much so that she defined the administration with “reckless with contempt for the human life of citizensHe also said:

«Because this administration was so frightened that their neighbors might choose life over death, they put the lives and health of American citizens in grave danger. We have to acknowledge Lisa Montgomery’s execution for what it is: the vicious, illegal and useless exercise of authoritarian power. We cannot allow that to happen again

Along with Lisa Montgomery, two other inmates will be executed this week: Corey Johnson on Thursday and Dustin J. Higgs on Friday. Their death penalty could be postponed as a District of Columbia federal judge blocked their executions with a preliminary injunction. Theirs could be the latest deaths from the state, as President Joe Biden has spoken out against the death penalty.

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