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Lisa Montgomery (1968 – 2021), the first woman to be executed in 67 years, was executed today by the US federal government.
On December 16, 2004 Lisa Montgomery, then 36, was strangled Bobbie Jo Stinnett, a twenty-three-year-old dog breeder in her eighth month of pregnancy, and then stole the fetus from her womb and seized it.
The killer went to the victim’s house with the excuse of buying a puppy.

The girl’s body was found by her mother, who compared the wounds inflicted on her daughter’s abdomen to those of an “exploded belly”.
Montgomery had had a troubled life: she was an alcoholic, had two marriages and four children behind her before a sterilization that was never fully accepted. Furthermore, according to her lawyers, the various sexual abuses suffered in childhood caused her “brain damage and severe mental illness”.
The execution of the woman took place in Indiana, with lethal injection.

The case of Lisa Montgomery remembers Inside – Inside (aka Inside), French horror film directed in 2007 by Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. In the film, the killer (played by Béatrice Valle) replicates the same modus operandi as Lisa Montgomery although the motive is different.
On Christmas Eve, the French horror psychopath sneaks into the home of a widow in her ninth month of pregnancy to appropriate her unborn child. His intrusion will unleash a violent struggle between the two women that will culminate in an explosion of blood and cruelty.
Given the similarity of the story of Inside (2007) with the events that occurred in 2004, it is very likely that the two directors have drawn on the crime news for their film. In this case, reality proves once again to be more chilling than fiction.

Béatrice dalle in “Inside”

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