Lisa Montgomery is the first woman to be executed since 1953 in the United States

In the last hours, a United States appeals court reversed the moratorium on the death penalty, issued last week against Lisa Montgomery for January 12, so, if carried out, she will be the first woman to face an execution. federal government in the country since 1953.

The woman was convicted of a crime perpetrated in 2004, in which she murdered a pregnant woman and took her eight-month-old baby from her womb. After an extension in his execution, the court authorized the measure to be carried out on January 12.

Montgomery’s attorney, Meaghan VerGow, announced that she intends to appeal in its entirety the decision of the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and insisted that the woman, the only one sentenced to death in the United States, suffers from serious mental disorder after years of being abused by her parents.

“Given everything we know about Lisa Montgomery, about her mental illness and about the life of horrible trauma she suffered, we do not see a logical reason for her execution,” VerGow said in a statement requesting President Donald Trump, a clemency order, according to CNN.

It should be noted that the country resumed executions at the federal level, independent of those carried out in each state, last July by order of the country’s attorney general, William Barr, after a period of 16 years.

Before Trump assumed the presidency, only three federal executions had been carried out in that period, the same ones that remain until January 20.

Montgomery’s execution was scheduled to be in Terre Haute, Indiana, on December 8, but a stay was imposed after her lawyers contracted coronavirus while visiting her in prison.

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If carried out, she would be the first woman to receive the death penalty since Bonnie Brown Heady, convicted of kidnapping and murder and executed on December 18, 1953, according to the Bureau of Prisons record.


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