Lisa Montgomery, the only prisoner to be executed, asks Trump for clemency

The lawyers of Lisa Montgomery, the US prisoner who will be executed next week, sent a petition on his behalf to President Donald Trump for clemency. In the document, issued this Tuesday, December 5, they argue that she was sexually abused in a group as a child and suffers from mental disorders.

Lisa Montgomery, sentenced to death for having killed a pregnant woman, could become the first woman executed by the federal justice since 1953.

Without denying the seriousness of the events, his relatives and lawyers asked the outgoing president to commute his sentence to life imprisonment. This “would send an important message (…) about the need to come to the aid of victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse”, based on their request.

According to them, “her life was full of inconceivable terror”: she was the adolescent victim of sexual assaults committed by her stepfather and his friends, then she was “sold” to other men by her alcoholic and violent mother. Married at 18 to her half brother, Lisa Montgomery he would have suffered more abuse.

The Republican government resumed federal executions in July 2020, after a 17-year hiatus. Since then, the death penalty has been carried out steadily.

Considering that the crime of Montgomery It was “particularly atrocious,” the court set January 12 as the date of his execution, eight days before Donald Trump must leave the White House to hand it over to Democrat Joe Biden.

Keys to the Lisa Montgomery case

In 2004, Lisa Montgomery She wanted to have a child with her new partner, but couldn’t, as she had had her tubes tied a few years earlier.

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Later, he met an eight-month-old pregnant woman in a chat room and went to her home in Missouri on the pretext of buying her a dog. Instead, he strangled and murdered her with the goal of stealing her baby.

The murderer was able to elope with the girl, who managed to survive. Montgomery she was arrested the next day.

With information from AFP.


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