Lithuanian court will not yet consider Kirkorov’s complaint on the ban on entry into the country – Society

VILNIUS, February 22. / TASS /. The Vilnius Regional Administrative Court, due to procedural nuances, will not consider the complaint of the Russian executor Philip Kirkorov about the ban on entry to Lithuania for five years. The representative of the court instance Audris Kutrevičius told reporters about it on Monday.

“The applicant, together with the complaint, must submit the decision, which he is challenging. It has not yet been served on Kirkorov, so the court, not having all the necessary documents, cannot proceed to the consideration of the application,” he explained.

As the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, representing the interests of the Russian singer, told TASS on Thursday, a petition demanding a copy of the decision banning Kirkorov’s entry into Lithuania was submitted to the Vilnius court. According to Dobrovinsky, no one has yet seen the decision of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry, it has not been passed on to Kirkorov. The lawyer added that “such secrecy is surprising.”

On January 19, Kirkorov was blacklisted for entry into Lithuania by the Migration Department at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Baltic Republic. The Foreign Ministry claimed that with his concerts in Crimea, the artist “disseminated Russian propaganda and supported Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine.”

As Dobrovinsky noted after the verdict, the decision of the Lithuanian authorities will be appealed in the courts of Lithuania and Europe. According to him, the applicants intend to defend Kirkorov’s civil position with the intention that “culture, art, sport and love should be outside politics.” As Kutrevičius informed last week, the complaint of the Russian executor, which is not yet planned to be considered, was received by the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court on 15 February.

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