“Little judges”: Montgomery criticizes Corona judgments

Corona restrictions

Berlin (dpa) – The chairman of the board of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, criticized Richter for some rulings on corona rules and thus triggered a debate on Twitter.

“I bump into the fact that little judges stand up and, like in Lower Saxony, 2G in the retail trade because they do not consider it proportionate,” said Montgomery of the “world”. A court would presume to reject something that scientific and political bodies had laboriously wrested from, with reference to proportionality. “I have big problems there. There are situations in which it is right to rank the rights of freedom after the right to physical health – not just for oneself, but for everyone. And we have such a situation, ”emphasized the medical representative.

Opinions about Montgomery

There was a lot of criticism on Twitter of Montgomery’s statement and choice of words. The CDU politician Karin Prien, Minister of Science in Schleswig-Holstein, wrote: “To discredit judges because one considers (preliminary) decisions to be wrong or does not understand them is presumptuous and shows a lack of understanding of the rule of law.”

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann also rejected criticism of judges for judging corona rules. “Germany can be proud of its highly qualified and independent judiciary. It opens access to the law and brings the idea of ​​the rule of law to life, ”wrote the FDP politician on Sunday evening on Twitter. “Therefore it deserves respect – regardless of whether the viewer makes every decision,” added Buschmann.

Court: FFP2 obligation is possible

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On December 16, the Lower Saxony Higher Administrative Court overturned the 2G rule in the state’s retail trade. The court decided that the measure was not necessary to further contain the coronavirus and was not compatible with the general principle of equality. Among other things, the Senate complained that there were no reliable and comprehensible findings on the actual risk of infection in retail. In addition, the state could oblige retail customers to wear an FFP2 mask. This would reduce the risk of infection to such an extent that “it could almost be neglected,” said the court.

On December 2, the federal and state governments decided that 2G should apply nationwide and regardless of the incidence in retail. Exceptions to the 2G rule apply to shops with daily needs, such as supermarkets and drug stores.

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