Liz Truss assumes her responsibility in the collapse of the pound but does not give up her plan

Barely three weeks have passed since Liz Truss will be installed at 10 Downing Street. In this short period of time, the new prime minister has achieved the most difficult yet: the pound plummeting and 51 percent of British people want her to resign.

A hangover from his triumphant drunkenness in the internal elections of the Conservative Party is taking a devastating toll on Truss.

The successor of Boris Johnson She doesn’t seem to know how to get out of the quagmire she’s gotten herself into.
His abrupt announcement of untimely tax cuts has left the pound at lows and the markets in a stampede. But she insists on the same course (little defined) and rejects cuts in public spending.

In the city of Birmingham Truss recognized that he should “better prepare the ground” to avoid panic in the markets and the -unprecedented- collapse of the pound.

That said, -informs The Guardian– the last prime minister to see alive Isabel II is not willing to back down. Truss insisted today that, despite the earthquake caused last week, the announced economic plan will allow growth to recover in the United Kingdom, curb inflation and avert the threat of a recession.

“I maintain the need for the plan that we have announced, and I assume that we announced it quickly since we had to act, but I recognize that we should have prepared the ground better,” before doing so, he told the BBC.

In front of his fellow ranks, at the party’s annual congress in Birmingham, Truss insisted that “we have a clear plan to deal with the energy crisis and at the same time, -he trusted- to inflation».

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Immediately afterwards, he guaranteed: “It will also work for us (his plan) so that the economy grows and we are on the path of growth.”

Friendly fire with the tory seal

Disbelief, in the absence of knowing details that she is reluctant to provide. prevails from north to south.

Criticism intensifies against a figure who is reproached for his imitations of Margaret Thatcher and his government receives blows from different flanks.

The friendly fire comes from those Tories who supported the candidacy of Rishi Sunakthe former Minister of Finance who presumed -rightly- to be better prepared than her to get the United Kingdom out of a crisis that was difficult to overcome.

The new finance minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, has also become the target of all attacks except those directed at her boss.

His presentation of the reviled “mini-budget” provoked a barrage of adverse comments in the opposition and also among the more moderate conservatives who raise their hands to their heads when they see the drift in which the United Kingdom has entered.

Of course we are going to reduce the debt to an affordable percentage of GDP in the medium term. I have a plan to achieve itPike Truss

“Of course we are going to reduce the debt to an affordable percentage of GDP in the medium term. I have a plan to achieve it,” reiterated the third woman in history to occupy Downing Street. She stubborn and smiling, she justified herself: “Not acting would have been a mistake.” As for the details of that “plan”, her colleagues and the British press found only silence.

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Downhill in the polls

The rejection caused by Trus among the population is surprising given the short time he has been at the head of the United Kingdom. The 51% of the population considers that they should resign, according to a YouGov poll.

As if the data were little worrying for her, despite showing up at the concentration tory radiant and happy, within the conservatives he fails to close ranks.

Away from the desired unit, their footsteps seem deepen the gap between theirs and with the opposition it has already opened an abyss. Everything, for not knowing how to take care of money, the most scarce and depreciated good in these times.

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