Lockdown extension requested by World Medical President Montgomery

World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery has called for the corona lockdown to be extended until the beginning of February and defended the federal government’s vaccination strategy. “We are still a long way from easing the number of infections. So it would be wise to pour people pure wine now and use the full four weeks of the Infection Protection Act, ”said Montgomery to our editorial team.

The four-week period starting January 5th would expire on Tuesday February 2nd. “And I’m not at all sure that it will end then,” said the chairman of the board of the World Medical Association. Montgomery also defended federal and EU policies in ordering the vaccines. “I regard the debate as a political-parliamentary skirmish. Nobody knew which vaccine would cross the line of approval first, ”said Montgomery.

“The allegations now are a cheap attempt to suck political honey out of the vaccine shortage. That doesn’t help anyone, ”said the world physician chief. “By the way, for a long time it looked like AstraZeneca was ahead of the game.”


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