looking for the occupants of a mysterious white car

Police are still looking for one or more suspects in the investigation into the murders of the four college students in Idaho. But while the file did not seem to progress since the crime last November 13, the authorities finally hope to be able to rely on a new element. On Wednesday, Moscow police appealed for witnesses to find the occupants of a mysterious white car parked near the house where the victims were killed. This 2011-2013 Hyundai Elantra was “in the immediate residence area” located off the University of Idaho campus, where the four friends were all enrolled. “Investigators believe that the occupants of the vehicle could have essential information in this case”, is it explained in a press release taken up by Fox News. In their call for witnesses, the police added a photo of a car model similar to the one in question. The license plate of the vehicle sought was not specified.

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“Your information, whether you believe it or not, has meaning to us and may help us find the missing piece of the puzzle to solve these murders,” police wrote. She said that since the start of the investigation, she had received 2,645 information by message, 2,770 by telephone and 1,084 online, but none of it has yet…

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