Los Angeles Lakers want to trade for Bojan Bogdanovic

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to look for reinforcements in the trade market and may have found what they were looking for in Detroit. According to multiple reports, the 2020 champions are seeking the services of Bojan Bogdanovic.

Shams Charania (The Athletic) according to the Lakers discussed a trade with the Pistons in which they would give up a protected first-round pick and a salary, presumably that of Patrick Beverley, for the 33-year-old. So far, however, Detroit has rejected these offers.

Marc Stein (Substack) added: The Pistons want an unprotected first-round pick for Bogdanovic. The Lakers could theoretically offer their picks from 2027 and 2029, but have so far shown hesitation in all trade talks about giving them up without protection.

According to Stein, Detroit is signaling that Bogdanovic would be retained if in doubt. However, it is also quite possible that the price should be pushed up in this way, as some teams have signaled an interest in the Croatian. Bogdanovic currently has 21 points in Detroit with 51 percent from the field and 44 percent from the line of three.

The Pistons only secured his services last offseason, including as a backup for franchise player Cade Cunningham. However, he will now miss the rest of the season after an operation. It remains to be seen whether Detroit will really stick to Bogdanovic. The Michigan team currently has the weakest record in the NBA (7-22).

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