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As much as The northern tigers are closely related to Mexico and that all his successes are dedicated to that country, his success did not start there but on the other side of the border, specifically in USA.

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It was in San José, California, where the four members of the group began their artistic life, which has been very successful, although, like anyone else, it was difficult for them to reach stardom.

Although they started in USAit is important to remember that the members are originally from Mocorito, Sinaloa, so they adopted the native genre of their country.

The Northern Tigers during a presentation. (Photo: Northern Tigers” / Instagram)


Being from Mexico, The Northern Tigers They always focused on that country as their target audience, especially because of the regional genre they adopted from their beginnings.

The Mexican population knew how to adopt its main themes within their culture and for many those songs are like hymns in their day to day.

Since its founding in 1968, this group has earned the entire affection of the entire country and it is likely that they will continue to reap greater success in the coming years as their validity remains intact.

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In addition to having conquered Mexicothese four artists knew how to reach other countries, where they also have thousands of fans who sing their best songs with a lot of sentimentality.

Some of the countries that have also adopted the talent shown by this group are Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Of course, during their concerts in the United States they usually bring together fans from all over Latin America. And it is that the Hispanic community in that country is large and almost always unites and shares the best of each locality.

Hernán Hernández is responsible for the electric bass and the second voice of the Mexican group (Photo: Los Tigres del Norte)

Hernán Hernández is responsible for the electric bass and the second voice of the Mexican group (Photo: Los Tigres del Norte)


The famous Mexican group is made up of four brothers and one of their cousins.

  • The musical director and first vocalist is Jorge Olegario Hernandez Angulo.
  • there is also Hernan Hernandez Anguloin charge of the electric bass and second voice.
  • Another of his brothers is Eduardo Hernandez Angulo who plays the accordion, as well as the saxophone, bajo sexto and is also one of the group’s voices.
  • Luis Hernandez Angulo he also accompanies them on bass and vocals.
  • Finally, on first Oscar Corner Lara He is in charge of playing the drums.


If you’re an avid fan of the “Bosses of Bosses,” you’ve probably wondered how much the band charges for a performance. The interpreters of “La mesa del rincón” have a rate that is around between 160 mil y 211 thousand dollars by private concert, where they promise to make all the guests dance and sing.

How do they distribute the payment?

This amount is divided between the musicians, production and the rest of the personnel that make the show possible; as well as an amount goes to the Los Tigres del Norte Foundation, which is in charge of helping and contributing to the conservation, defense of Mexican heritage and tradition in the United States, from its office located on the campus of the University of California in Los Angeles.


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