Louisiana Brewery, the new location in the Iturrama neighborhood

The Plaza Leonor de Trastámara, located between Calle Monasterio de Urdax and Avenida Sancho el Fuerte, has had a new catering establishment since July 21. It is not just any bar, but it is about the Louisiana Brewerywhich after twenty years in Pedro Alejandría street, next to the Oblatas bridge in Rochapea, have decided to open another place in Iturrama New.

Rafael Blasco, the manager of Louisianasays that “he had always wanted to expand the business” after 14 years managing the Rochapea store, and he was presented with this opportunity that he did not hesitate to take advantage of.

“I chose this area because I liked it a lot, and it had many possibilities in terms of the terrace”, explains the owner of Louisiana, since “currently, opening a restaurant without a terrace makes no sense”. For BlascoSquare Eleanor of Trastámara is “wonderful, I had always really liked this area and, although it is not entirely central, there are many students in the area and it is very lively”.

Terrace of the new Louisiana Brewery in the New Iturrama neighborhood. MIGUEL OSES

This is one of the reasons why the Louisiana of Iturrama It has slightly different hours, since “here there is a lot of movement of people and many offices, so we open at 8 in the morning for that type of public”, he explains Blasco.

Except for that small time change, the Louisiana of Iturrama New It will follow the same line as its predecessor in terms of its gastronomic offer, which will continue to be based on Tex-Mex food such as its famous nachos or fajitas, DO Navarra meats and XXL hamburgers.

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In addition, although they have maintained the essence of the brand, with canvases themed around the state of Louisiana and the Mississippi River, they have changed some decorative elements because “I didn’t want it to look like a franchise,” he explains. Blasco.

In the Louisiana they believe that their success in Pamplona is due to the fact that “we try to do things well, take care of the client and be transparent in what we do”

The bar of the new Louisiana Brewery in Pamplona, ​​in Iturrama Nuevo.  MIGUEL OSES
The bar of the new Louisiana Brewery in Pamplona, ​​in Iturrama Nuevo. MIGUEL OSES

As for opening the business in pandemic, Rafael Blasco explains that “we have managed it as best we could, but opportunities come once in a lifetime and you shouldn’t let them pass you by”. The hotelier is optimistic about the situation and makes use of a popular saying: “it’s not bad that it lasts a hundred years”.

When Blasco took the Louisiana from Rochapea 14 years ago, which already existed before and what caught his attention the most was the concept, because “at that time it was very different from what was offered in other places”.

Rafael Blasco And his wife Denise Rincon they combine very well, and according to the hotelier, although they have a good team behind them that helps them, that is the essence of the good direction they are taking Louisiana. Blasco will mostly stay in the new premises in Iturrama, while Corner will be in front of the premises of the Rochapea.

Their expectations are good and people have responded well, although Rafael Blasco recognizes that “we are not starting from scratch, but we come with a name that people know, so we have traveled part of the way”.

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The new Louisiana from Plaza Leonor de Trastámara is open from Monday to thursday of the 8:00 hours at 00:00los Friday of the 8:00 hours at 1:00los Saturdays of the 10:00 hours at 1:00 and the sundays of the 10:00 hours at 00:00.

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