Louisiana floods, the worst natural disaster in the United States since ‘Sandy’

MADRID.- The floods that have hit the US state of Louisiana during the last week they have become the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the country leaving behind more than 200 deadas indicated by the vice president of logistics and operations of Red Cross disaster services, Brad Kieserman.

“Thousands of people in Louisiana have lost everything and need our help”, Kierseman has indicated, according to statements collected by CNN. “This disaster is the worst to hit the United States since Cyclone Sandy,” he continued, before noting that the organization estimates that It will cost about $30 million.

Secretary of State for Homeland Security Jeh Johnson visited flood-affected areas on Thursday, a day after the director of the emergency management agency, Craig Fugate, arrived. President, Barack Obama, who will visit the area next week, has directed Fugate to use “available resources to assist in the response and recovery of the areas.”

Although Obama has declared at least twenty districts in a state of emergency, the president has come under fire for not interrupting his vacation to visit flood victims. Trump, the Republican candidate for the White House, visited the area this Friday and took advantage of the ‘tour’ to affirm that the president “should have interrupted his vacation in ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ in New England.

For his part, Obama, through a White House statement, defended himself by arguing that “the president is aware of the impact of his tour of the affected areas and wants to ensure that his presence does not interfere with recovery efforts in grade”.

Even so, Obama has already made available to the 86,500 people who have requested help from the federal government from the United States an aid fund that after the powerful rains that They have caused damage to some 40,000 homes and left behind some 13 dead.

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