Love During a Pandemic: New Year’s Compilation – 2020

Confessions and Proposals of the Year, Masked Weddings, Children Born in 2020. How couples in love in Yakutia survived the coronavirus pandemic – see the News.Ykt.Ru selection.

Young, beautiful, successful and in love. The romantic of 2020 can rightfully be considered the dancer of the ZAVOD studio and the singer Sergei Sidorov – Sergo. This summer he released a new video and presented it for the birthday of Diana Egorova – Lil Di. He did it brightly, having arranged a romantic surprise. Sergei went up to Diana in the cradle of the aerial platform!

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“Such a crazy idea came to my mind, I called all my friends, made an agreement and later made a surprise. Many thanks to all of them for supporting my crazy ideas! It was a special day, – Sergo told News.Ykt.Ru, and then commented on the relationship with Diana: – We are friends to this day. When we were in grades 7-8, they corresponded and sent each other smiley hearts, like everyone else. Then I began to try to write songs and I am glad that Diana and I still maintain sympathy. Diana has always been and will be my idol, although we have been dancing for 6 years together in the same team. ”

This year, a former member of the Snow Voice group, singer, dancer Erkhaan Popov and “1st Vice-Miss Virtual Yakutia – 2019” Gulya Averinskaya announced their relationship. Now the couple is actively taking over social networks, filming joint videos and conducting givas.

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The most romantic proposal of 2020 was made this fall on the most Instagram bridge in the republic. True, commentators on social networks immediately noticed an error in the photo: merry instead of marry. Despite this, everything turned out magically!

Another unusual marriage proposal, made this spring in microdistrict 203, was captured on camera by one of the residents of Yakutsk. “Please, I want a stamp in my passport. I want to live the gray, everyday life of a family man, ”the author of the video said the groom’s speech at the most touching moment for a couple in love. Seeing these shots, netizens were divided into two camps: someone made the video laugh, others thought the author’s act was ugly.

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Who would have thought that a mask would have to be matched to a wedding dress and suit. In the photo – Georgy and Nurguyaana Semyonov, who were among the first to legalize relations in the new realities. Since March 26, only the bride and groom could be present at the marriage registration. In mid-August, up to ten people were allowed to attend the celebration, from October they again began to let in without guests – only newlyweds, parents, a photographer and a cameraman.

But Anna and Valentin Khodin registered a marriage quite recently – on December 25. The newlyweds decided that they would go against the system and get married despite the leap year and the coronavirus.

“In January, that is, even before the pandemic, we decided that this would happen this year,” Valentin Khodin told News.Ykt.Ru. – Initially, they did not want to solemnly sign. It was planned in October, then everything flowed smoothly into December. We had friends in the registry office. While sitting in line, I was surprised that all the couples entered and somehow quickly flew out of the office, like some kind of conveyor belt. We thought that we need to prolong this moment, I was going to joke and say no, but I could not. The lady who painted us had a stick in her hands like a fairy, and in front of her was a transparent film, like in a store. With this wand, she indicated where to sign. We all smiled, it was fun. In general, as we decided in advance that nothing will stop us, it happened. “

Khodina’s outfits were chosen spontaneously. Anna looked for a beautiful dress for herself, and Valentine bought a white shirt the day before registration. The groom had to go to the pharmacy for the main accessory of 2020. “I chose masks between blue and blue. As a result, I bought the ones that were on the left, ”he said.

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Newlyweds from Lensk Zhanna and Oleg Kislitsa, in turn, not only played a wedding, but also took part in the popular project “Four Weddings” of the TV channel “Friday!” In the reality show, four brides from different cities competed for the main prize – spending their honeymoon on an amazing and unforgettable journey.

“We originally planned to postpone the wedding ceremony for the next year. Several factors influenced this: the pandemic and financial capacity. Despite the difficulties, we nevertheless came to the conclusion that there is a wedding! From a young age I dreamed of taking part in any television project and this time I decided not to miss my chance, ”Zhanna Kislitsa from Lena shared her impressions.

When the final decision was made to participate in the project, the future husband reacted ambiguously to this. At first, Oleg resisted, but still supported the bride. According to the heroes, the release with their participation will be released in January 2021.

In the outgoing year, the list of newlyweds-2020 was supplemented by the residents of Yakutsk Sergey and Sandar, who for the first time in the history of the city ordered the illumination of the Yakutsk TV tower in order to find out the gender of the child. They handed over an envelope indicating gender to the RTRS operators, and on the wedding day, November 20, the tower turned blue.

“Sandara said she wanted to know the gender of the child, as they did in Dubai. I thought it was quite real, and called the Yakut branch of RTRS. To my surprise, they said that they were just planning to start such an activity and we would be their first customers. I thought that ordering the illumination would cost about 60-70 thousand, but I paid five and a half thousand rubles – and the tower lit up for us for an hour, ”Sergei News.Ykt.Ru noted.

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As RTRS later reported, residents of the city often asked to turn on the backlight for personal and corporate holidays. Since this year, the service has become available to everyone.

According to the registry office, 4112 couples were married in Yakutia for 11 months of this year. The final figures for 2020 will be due in January next year. But it is already clear that the pandemic has drastically reduced the number of both weddings and divorces.

“In 2019, over 11 months, 3826 divorces were registered, for 11 months of 2020 – 2920. There was a significant decrease in the number of divorces by 906 acts, so the myth that the number of divorces increased in our republic during the pandemic is not relevant. On the contrary, people began to pay more attention to the family and keep it, ”- said the Office of the Civil Registry Office in Yakutia.

The number of newborns has also decreased. For 11 months of this year, 11,718 babies were born in Yakutia. The highest birth rate was recorded in Yakutsk – 5124, followed by the Mirninsky district, the city of Neryungri, Megino-Kangalassky, Khangalassky, Aldansky and Lensky districts.

The most popular male names among newborns this year turned out to be Artyom, Timur, Alexander, Maxim, Mikhail, Dmitry, Kirill, Ivan, Arylkhan and Victor. Feminine: Sofia, Alice, Mia, Victoria, Valeria, Arina and Adeline. As for unusual names, such names as Kereli, Eva, Milana, Amelia, Aelita, Keskileene, Teona are gaining popularity among girls lately. Among the boys are Darkhan, Miron, Sulustaan, Uyuskhaan. But the single unusual names that parents gave their children are Cassiopeia, Olivia, Danae, Aili, Leiana, Luna, Batas, Nuolan.

So, let’s see which of the Yakut residents shared their happiness in becoming a mom (or dad) in 2020 on social networks.

News.Ykt.Ru editorial staff wishes you a Happy New Year. Love and be loved, no matter what!

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