Love on the Internet: How dating sites make money

Where to find love? Like everything else – on the Internet. Dating apps and sites will show you thousands of options. For a fee, you can increase the chances of finding an interesting option.

According to the YuMoney platform, on average, a Russian spends only 327 rubles on a dating site. If we take the global statistics for the past year, the search for a partner brought dating services $ 3 billion. The correspondent of the TV channel “Saint Petersburg” found out the details.

At first glance, dating services have a selfless relationship with their users. To download, register and start getting acquainted, almost all such applications are offered for free. But then the game begins with the ambitions and curiosity of users: if you want the profile to be in the first places – pay, to find out who sympathizes with you – also pay. Of course, there is still advertising, but still the main part of earnings is paid options.

“The first option is a paid subscription, called VIP-status. It enables extended functionality: you can put more likes, write more messages, make more contacts. And a very popular service with us is virtual gifts that some users give to others. We see an increase in the number of purchases per user, we see that users have started buying more expensive services. The most expensive service is a subscription, ”said Pyotr Boytsov, Marketing Director of the Mamba dating network.

The number of purchases in day-to-day services this spring is incomparably greater than in 2020. Payment platforms report: the number of subscribers who purchase paid services has grown 70 times. The anomaly has been romantically called “post-pandemic euphoria.”


“In May 2021, Russians made 85 times more purchases on dating sites and spent 86 times more money than in May 2020. At the end of April alone, the number of new users in St. Petersburg increased by 11%. This may be due to the fact that in 2021 it became possible to travel, attend various public events, as well as schedule personal meetings without additional restrictions, ”noted Dmitry Karmishin, Commercial Director of the YuMoney payment platform.

Today, tens of millions of Russians are registered in the largest dating services. Moreover, both their number and activity are growing. Mostly from the male audience.

“The overwhelming majority of the audience are men. There are about 80% of them. And if we look at age characteristics, it is 25-35 years old. We clearly see a trend that the demand and traffic for dating services is growing, primarily during the period of large-scale offline events: when the World Cup was held, traffic on Tinder grew 11 times compared to social networks and messengers that fans also used very active, ”says Yana Charikova, spokeswoman for the MTS telecommunications company in St. Petersburg.

In early June, an economic forum was held in St. Petersburg – the traffic of one of the services grew by 10%. Now the football Euro is in full swing, and dating services are expecting another boom in traffic and, of course, sales.

Details in the report by Dmitry Tarasov.

Video: TV channel “Saint Petersburg”

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