Lucy Maud Montgomery – “Anne di Tetti Verdi” (Anne of Green Gables #1) – Life is like a wave who rises and falls

“And as for the risks, there are risks in anything that can be done in this world.”

“When stay imagining you might as well imagine something wonderful. “

“It wouldn’t be half as interesting if we already knew everything, would it? There would be no room for imagination then, would there? But am I talking too much? People always tell me that I do. Do you prefer me not to speak? If you say so, I’ll stop. I know how to stop when I decide to do it, although it is difficult. “

“I’m not in the depths of despair this morning. I can never be in the morning. Isn’t it wonderful that mornings exist? But I feel very sad. I was just imagining that it was really me you wanted after all and that I was going to stay here forever. It was a great comfort while it lasted. But the worst thing about imagining things is that there comes a time when you have to stop, and that hurts. “

“It’s very nice to read about misfortunes and imagine yourself overcoming them heroically, but it’s not so pleasant when you really have to endure them, right?”

“There’s no use falling in love with something if you have to be separated from it, is it?”

«My life is a perfect cimitating buried hopes. “

“Oh, but there’s a big difference between saying something about yourself and hearing it from others. You may know that this is so, but you can hope that other people just don’t think it is. “

“” You are beautiful to the extent that you do beautiful things. “”


“It’s lovely to come home and know it’s home.”

“But I’d rather sound ridiculous when anyone else is, than simple and appropriate on my own.”

“Oh, Marilla, looking forward to things is half the pleasure of things themselves,” Anne exclaimed. “You may not get things in themselves; but nothing can stop you from having fun waiting for them impatiently. Mrs. Lynde says, “Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they will not be disappointed.” But I think it would be worse to expect nothing than to be disappointed. “

Alexander Pope

When things start happening they are inclined to continue.

“Ten minutes isn’t a very long time to say goodbye forever.”

“In a way, imaginary friends aren’t as satisfying as a real friend.”

“I don’t think there is any danger of you dying of pain as long as you can speak, Anne.”

“But tell me, Marilla, how can one be sad very long in such an interesting world?”

“It’s easy to say resist temptation, but it’s much easier to resist if you don’t have the key.”

“Although of course the harder it is, the more satisfaction you get when you reach it, right?”

“I know your mommy ate I love you
not even death will separate you from me. “

“It’s not interfering to have your own opinion.”

“Oh, but that’s the best part. Something flashes in your mind, so exciting, and you have to get it out. If you stop and think about it, you ruin everything. “

“There are so many different Anne’s in me. Sometimes I think that’s why I’m such a problematic person. If I were just an Anne, it would be much more comfortable, but it wouldn’t be half as interesting. “

“It is difficult to choose among so many noteworthy people who have existed. Wouldn’t it be great to be noteworthy and have essays written about you after you die? “

“People who have raised children know that there are no inviolable rules that are good for everyone. But those who have never had any think that everything is as simple and easy as the Rule of Three … just arrange your three terms in a certain way, and the fourth will come out correctly. “

“‘What an intricate web we weave when we first learn to deceive.'”

Walter Scott

“Sometimes it’s hard to believe something, even if you know it.”

“But do you know that I don’t feel very comfortable after all? There are so many things in this room and all of them so wonderful that there is no room for imagination. This is a consolation when you are poor … there are so many things you can imagine. “

“This is the worst thing about growing up, and I’m starting to understand it. The things you want so badly when you’re a little girl don’t look half as wonderful when you get them. “

“It’s good advice, but I’m afraid it will be difficult to follow; I think good advice tends to be. “

“We we are rich, ”Anne said devoutly. “Because we are sixteen in our favor, and we are happy as queens, and we all have an imagination, some more, some less. Look at the sea, girls … “all silver and shadow and proof of what cannot be seen.” We couldn’t enjoy its beauty more if we had millions of dollars and diamond necklaces. You wouldn’t switch to any of those women if you could. Would you like to be that girl in white lace and wear an acidic look all your life, like you were born turning up your nose at the world? Or the lady in pink, kind and pretty as she is, so stocky and short you would really look shapeless? Or even Mrs. Evans, with that very sad look? She must have been terribly miserable sometimes to have such a look. You sai you wouldn’t want, Jane Andrews! “

Hebrews 11.1

“Marilla!” Anne sat down on Marilla’s checked lap, took Marilla’s wrinkled face in her hands, and looked gravely and tenderly into Marilla’s eyes. “I haven’t changed a bit… not really. I just put in a few more leaves and a few branches. The true me… In here… it’s still the same. It won’t make the slightest difference where I go and how much I change outwardly; in my heart I will always be your little Anne, who will love you and Matthew and dear Green Roofs more and better every day of her life. “

“Oh, it’s great to have ambitions. I’m so glad I have so many. And they seem to never end… that’s the best part. As soon as you achieve the goal of one ambition, you see another one shine even higher. All this makes life so interesting. “

“After trying and winning, the best thing is to try and fail.”

We pay a price for everything we receive or take from this world; and although it is worth having ambitions, they are not won cheaply, but demand their due in work and self-denial, anxiety and despair.

It was the last night before the pain touched his life; and no life is ever quite the same again once that cold, painful touch has landed on her.

“When I left Queen’s my future seemed to stretch out in front of me like a straight road. I thought I could see it clearly for miles away. There is now a curve in it. I don’t know what’s behind the curve, but I want to believe there’s the best. It has its own charm, that curve, Marilla. I wonder what the road is like beyond … what is green glory and what lights and shadows … what new landscapes … what new beauties … what other curves and hills and valleys further away. “

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