Luisina asks users to verify that they are older to view pornographic content

The state of Louisiana is taking restrictive measures to prevent minors from accessing pornographic content.

HB 142, passed in 2022, requires age verification to access any web page that contains 33.3% or more pornographic material.

“The pornography it is destroying our children and they have unlimited access to the internet. If the porn companies don’t take responsibility, I thought it was necessary to make them do it,” Congresswoman Laurie Schlegel told Fox 8.

Users seeking to access content of this type will have to access via the system LA Walletessential for people with a state ID or driver’s license.

Companies will be able to use the system to verify age, but will not be able to access other data.

“It does not identify your date of birth, or who you are, where you live or what part of the state you connect to,” says Sara Kelley, in charge of LA Wallet.

active porn block

In Twittera user shows how Pornhub request an age validation with the system Allpasstrust.

However, users have noticed that this restriction can be easily circumvented by using a VPN.

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