Lukashenka congratulates Orthodox Christians on Christmas

Lukashenko wished Belarusians “the triumph of fulfilled hopes”. Photo: BelTA.

The press service of Alexander Lukashenko published his congratulations to Orthodox Christians on Christmas, reports BelTA.

In his congratulations, Lukashenko noted that this holiday every year reminds people of the necessary values: spiritual renewal, selfless love for neighbors, kindness and mercy. And he added that just communication with relatives can warm the warmth of the family hearth, strengthening faith in a better future.

“On bright holidays, simple communication with family gives energy for many good deeds, unites and makes stronger in the face of any trials,” he said.

Congratulating the Belarusians, Lukashenka wished that the joy of Christmas would give everyone “the triumph of fulfilled hopes”, as well as mutual understanding and love in “our common home”.


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In his congratulations, he also noted that the holidays are always illuminated by the expectation of a miracle (details).


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