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On YSO we are talking about “sleepers”, those players who can surprise. But there are also obviously much more publicized players, who are already in the spotlight.

Alex Leatherwood

1m98 for 142 kilos
Tackle offensif, Alabama, senior

His journey

Originally from Florida, Alex Leatherwood performs with his high school in Pensacola. His senior year he was named to the 2nd All American team. A 5-star rookie, in 2017 he was the number 1 offensive tackle for high school students, ahead of Walker Little (3rd / Stanford), Jedrick Wills (7th / Browns) and Austin Jackson (8th / Dolphins).

He played 7 games in his freshman season, including an appearance during the Championship Game against Georgia, replacing a Jonah Williams (Bengals) who was injured in the 3rd quarter. His second season, he is the holder but no longer as a left tackle but as a right guard. The next two seasons, he still started, but returned as a left tackle.

His profile

An imposing player, Alex Leatherwood is no less agile. Its primary quality is undoubtedly its quality of movement in protection of the quarterback: footwork and movement towards the rear in an arc of a circle are mastered perfectly.

While he’s not lacking in power, he is ironically not as dominant in the racing game as his physique suggests. He seems more comfortable when he has to block off the back curtain than when he has to open a breach from the line of engagement.

His status

His competence in protecting the QB is inevitably an element placing him among the best of this 2021 vintage. His experience in a very famous program as well as a season spent indoors as a guard also offers a valuable versatility for an NFL team. .

In 2021, the cuvée is rich in talent so Alex Leatherwood is compared to others and he will have to prove against the competition in the NFL Combine. But already, he is an accomplished player evolving at a very important position, so his current status is between the first round and the start of the second.

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