“Luxury Sisi”: Ouspenskaya’s naked daughter made a splash on the Web

32-year-old Tatyana Plaksina is a creative and unusual girl. Recently, she decided to conquer the domestic scene. Either heredity from a talented mother affected, or she suddenly realized her destiny. But this time the daughter of Lyubov Uspenskaya attracted attention not by creativity.

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The newly minted actress showed fans a bold photo in a short shiny dress. The outfit revealed the performer’s beautiful breasts. “Live where there are miracles. Thank you very much Dasha for these wonderful photos, one of which served as the basis for creating the cover of my single “Miracle,” the daughter of the “Queen of Russian chanson” signed the frame.

Tatyana Plaksina

The Russians were delighted and showered her with compliments. “Divine”, “Extraordinary”, “Very photogenic”, “Gorgeous girl”, “Cool girl, talented, beautiful”, “Luxury sisi,” commentators wrote.

Recall that a native of New York paints unusual paintings that some seem intimidating. What can not be taken away from a girl is the ability to surprise and shock the audience.

Note that Tatyana Plaksina has experienced a lot: a terrible fall from a mountain bike, addiction to illegal substances, severe depression, rehabilitation and many facial surgeries.

Fortunately, Lyubov Uspenskaya helped to get out of the terrible state of her daughter. Despite difficult relationships and misunderstandings in the past, they managed to reconcile. At the beginning of 2021, the artist’s heiress returned from the United States to Russia. Now she pleases fans with an almost new, restored face and her work. Recently, a photo of the cover of the debut album appeared on Plaksina’s microblog.

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Photo source: Instagram*, Legion-Media

*The organization is banned on the territory of the Russian Federation

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