Lyubov Aksenova: “If a mistake can be corrected, correct it! And if the situation is incorrigible, forgive yourself “

What becomes the impetus for the awakening of the Goddess inside Nastya?

Here it is important to understand the structure of the series, because Nastya feels like a beauty precisely at those moments when the Goddess rules inside. The Goddess is good in many situations: when you need to use cunning, when you need to connect your intuition, during sex, or when you want to go for a massage and choose some special shampoo and hair mask – this is the Goddess in action.

Is the goddess, in your opinion, the subpersonality that defines the female essence?

I like to think that this is everyone’s personal decision – to be feminine or not. After all, then we admit that we can be different and we have a level of participation in our destiny. I have seen incredible people with disabilities who look amazing, know themselves well, are constantly developing and amaze with their skills and appearance! I saw my girlfriend, who looks nothing like the cover girl, treat herself with love and acceptance. As men run after her, and sometimes even women … It seems to me that this happens precisely because somewhere inside this girl Alina Alekseeva is sitting (laughs). The female essence, in my opinion, is a very complex, multi-level construction. As well as a man’s, however. As far as I know, Aristotle defined the essence of a person as those of his personal properties that cannot be changed so that a person remains himself. Therefore, the Goddess, despite all her enchantingness, is a part of the whole.

How to distinguish between the manifestation of the Goddess and the simple human desire to be lazy and capricious? Or is it the same thing?

To be capricious is more about Businka. And laziness, as for me, is a condition that can even be called a hindrance. Here I would ask myself the question: “why am I lazy, I don’t want to perform this or that action”? Perhaps, by answering this question, things will go more fun.

Your profession, or rather, its external part (shooting, photo shoots, social events) in a sense exploits the image of the Goddess: you need to be beautiful, keep yourself in shape, wear not always comfortable shoes and dresses. For you, such moments are an opportunity to please your inner Goddess or is it mostly routine?

You can enjoy the outfits, for example, and it will most likely be a manifestation of the Goddess. And you can forget about the outside and surrender to creativity – it will be a Bead. It all depends on a large number of factors and on what result I am striving for.


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