Lyubov Kazarnovskaya admitted that she forgave her father who left her without an inheritance

10:05, 14.01.2021

The 64-year-old opera singer shared her revelations on the show “The Fate of Man”.

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The star of the opera stage, as well as a long-term expert of the musical and parody shows “One to One” and “Just the Same” Lyubov Kazarnovskaya became the heroine of the program “The Fate of a Man”. The 64-year-old artist told Boris Korchevnikov about her childhood, and what role her mother played in her becoming a singer Lydia Alexandrovna… The star remembered that right after school she wanted to enter the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, however, when she and her mother went to apply to the university, passing by “Gnesinka” noticed an advertisement for the second round. Kazarnovskaya Sr. invited her daughter, who was fond of opera and sang, to try her hand. And Lyubov Yurievna passed the test by entering the academy.

Leonid Yarmolnik and Lyubov Kazarnovskaya on the stage of the show “One to One”

Parents for Kazarnovskaya were of enormous importance. The opera star suffered the loss of her mother, who passed away in 1992. But after this sad news, the singer received another one, which unsettled her for a long time. “My husband (Robert RoszikNote. ed.) called me when I was on tour and said: “We urgently need to fly to Moscow, my mother is bad!”. He did not say that she was gone. The day before we spoke with her on the phone, and everything was fine. Bronchial asthma started on my nerves. I start to sing something, and I see my mother’s face, how she listens and how tears flow down her face. And immediately the second blow – dad said that he had another woman. Ashes remained from my world, which I loved, ”- Lyubov Kazarnovskaya confessed to Boris Korchevnikov.

Lyubov Kazarnovskaya with her husband Robert

Kazarnovskaya could not forgive her father for a long time that he crossed out all 46 years of marriage with her mother. “They got married right after the Great Patriotic War. Dad was in love with mom since the fifth grade. He went through the entire front, and my mother was a teacher in the evacuation, taking care of the children of those who died. She combined all this with her studies. It was a hard life! ” – shared Lyubov Yurievna. To her, like her own sister Natalia, did not like the choice of the father. They believed that his new chosen one possessed a strong but negative energy, which Yuri Ignatievich could cause harm. The singer remembered that her stepmother became a widow four times, and when her daughter tried to start a conversation with her parent on this topic, he put forward an undeniable argument: “What do you want me to be alone?”

For a long time, Kazarnovskaya did not communicate with her father. And the point was not even that he transferred all the property of the family to someone else’s woman. “We decided not to interfere as much as possible, not to fight for an apartment. Robert and I have our own family and our own apartment, ”said the guest of“ Man’s Fate ”. But in 2014, a month before the death of dad, Lyubov Yuryevna had a telephone conversation with him. “He phoned a month before his death. He was 93 years old. He said: “Daughter, you must understand me, I could not do anything in this situation, she took me deeply into captivity.” He was bound by obligations and a will, but he could not call me and say sacred words that removed all the questions, ”the artist admitted.

Kazarnovskaya forgave her father, believing that for her he would always remain the one she loved and adored, and that everything that happened had already happened, teaching everyone life lessons. True, after the death of her parent, the singer was never able to make peace with her sister, who died of lung cancer. “Natasha didn’t want to forgive me for forgiving dad,” said the opera star.

Lyubov Kazarnovskaya in the show “Secret to a Million”

The guest of the Boris Korchevnikov show also remembered her cousin, who in the spring of 2020 came to the Secret for a Million show and began to demand 10 million rubles from Lyubov Yuryevna as compensation for the property and moral damage that her father caused him and his family … After all, not only the Kazarnovskys’ apartment, but also the country house on the Klyazma, which the children of Kazarnovsky Sr.’s brother considered theirs, went to the widow of Yuri Ignatievich Sergey Butkevich… Due to the litigation, Butkevich fell ill with a stroke, after which he died. A cousin of Lyubov Yuryevna expressed many complaints against the star sister, but she hastened to assure him that all this happened without her participation, so his reproaches are absolutely undeserved. Kazarnovskaya noted that she was not angry with her brother. “He came offended and began to say things. But I managed to tell him that I forgave him. Few of us remain, relatives of people with whom we communicate while still in health, ”the star shared.

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