Made in America: Apple CPUs for iPhone & Co will soon come from Arizona

On the occasion of a so-called equipment move-in event in Arizona, Apple confirmed that the company intends to have its chips manufactured there in the future. Apple boss Tim Cook announced at the event of contract manufacturer TSMC that one could soon proudly say that the Apple CPUs are “Made In America”.

It has long been an open secret that Apple and some other US chip manufacturers will soon have their products manufactured by the Taiwanese contract manufacturer TSMC at a new location in the state of Arizona. US President Joe Biden and Apple boss Tim Cook made appearances at an event celebrating the installation of the first manufacturing facilities in the first part of the new TSMC site in Arizona.

With Apple, Nvidia & Co, TSMC already has its first customers for its new plants

Cook confirmed that Apple will be one of the first buyers of chips that TSMC produces in Arizona. In the long term, TSMC intends to build a second plant there, which will produce chips with a structural width of three or four nanometers, in addition to the first plant, for which an upgrade to even more modern production processes was announced when it was initially announced that it would manufacture 5-nanometer chips.

Apple’s CEO said building the plant will combine TSMC’s skills and the “unmatched ingenuity of American workers” to invest in a better future. Plant a seed in the Arizona desert and be proud to help grow it. The chips built there should end up in future iPhones and Macs.

TSMC intends to commission the first of the two plants from 2024, before the second plant is to serve the expected strong demand from 2026. It is currently still unclear how large the proportion of Apple chips manufactured there should be in relation to the total capacity of the works. It is also unclear how large the proportion of Apple iPhones and Macs equipped with US chips will be in the future.

In addition to Apple, other US chip companies also want to have their products produced at TSMC in Arizona. At the event, US President Biden in a humorous waythat he has very little knowledge of the subject, the bosses of the memory manufacturer Micron (Crucial) and Nvidia were also present, who also want to have production there.

TSMC is still the world’s largest contract manufacturer of chip products. The company not only produces all the Apple A and M series chips installed in Apple devices, but also graphics chips for AMD and Nvidia and ARM chips for MediaTek and Qualcomm.

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