Madrileños around the world: Iowa

Every week a reporter from the program travels to other cities around the world to see how people from Madrid live outside our country. Do you dare to come with us to meet people from Madrid around the world?

In this program we land in the center of USAin the deepest America,Iowa!

Iowa is one of the 50 states in the country and its capital and largest city is Des Moines.

We start this trip in one of the most typical events in the United States, a football game where the show is not lacking.

Access to the stadium for one day costs 60 dollars and has a capacity for 60,000 people despite the fact that in Iowa there is no professional team, but the players are college students on scholarships.

And for the breaks, there is no lack of animation thanks to the dance show of the cheerleaders, the music band or the throwing of t-shirts with a cannon.

Because you don’t just come to the stadium to cheer on your team but also to dance and have a good time.

We now move to Winterset, a city located in Madison County in the US state of Iowa and is known for being the home of the American actor, director and producer who became one of the most popular and enduring stars of the 20th century, John Wayne.

In addition, in Iowa, the actor has his own walk of fame where all the films in which he participated and starred are stamped.

And as if that were not enough with his house and his walk of fame, John Wayne also has a museum dedicated to him in its entirety.

Another movie location in Iowa is this one, where the famous movie ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ was shot.

Where was the ‘Bridges of Madison’ filmed? |wording

It is impressive to cross one of these red bridges where Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep once stood!

Frequent tornadoes, a very active university life and a great Capitol with 5 domes, are other of the most remarkable characteristics of Iowa.

But this state is known, above all, for being the breadbasket of the United States thanks to its abundant production of corn that supplies the entire state.

Cornfield in Iowa / Editorial Office
Cornfield in Iowa |wording

Although if something has surprised us it is to find on the other side of the pond its own Madrida community of 2,000 inhabitants where the name of the city can be seen everywhere, in the hairdresser, in the dentist and even in the water tank.

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