Maha Ayesh, Illinois’ First Veiled Policewoman – Ummah

Source of a healthy emulation, it is by observing, admiringly, the notable breakthrough of Muslim women in the four corners of the globe, in sectors of activity where no one expected them, and at an unsuspected level of skills, that the American of Muslim faith, Maha Ayesh, felt like a glass ceiling breaker…

Stimulated by the remarkable successes of many of her co-religionists, especially those who have established themselves in male strongholds par excellence, without ever straying down the tortuous paths of low compromise, the young woman, on the eve of her thirties, was impelled to act by an imperious force.

Determined to take her destiny into her own hands, the one who was a forensic psychologist for four years, working with minors within the confines of Kane prison, suddenly felt like she was growing wings… She was no longer content to dreaming of a career in the police institution, she squarely gave herself the means to enter it through the front door, as the first female veiled police officer in Illinois.

Radiant with happiness in her uniform that she put on for the first time just a few days ago, wearing a hijab that makes her unique, Maha Ayesh joined the Bartlett police station, not without pride, her hometown.

A warm welcome was given to him by his superiors and his colleagues, happy to have among them a particularly deserving recruit, who is committed to abolishing all barriers, but also to helping to restore the confidence of ethnic minorities in the regard to law enforcement.

« I want to take advantage of my difference, the richness of my culture and my values, in order to favor good relations, on the ground, with all the communities, including the one to which I belong. It’s essential !“, she insisted during her press conference which was sold out.

Having a high idea of ​​her mission of public safety, Maha Ayesh is the radiant face of the new policy of inclusion implemented by the police of Illinois. It is with a heartfelt thought for Muslim women who do not dare to believe enough in their dreams, in the East as in the West, that this pioneer in uniform, who struggles to realize that she has now become an example to follow, took office.

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