Maine Coon rescued by mechanic and vets after 3 hours on the job

Posted on 1/13/2021 2:56 p.m.

Written by Alexander God
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Trapped in the engine of a car, an injured cat spent 3 long hours there before being released. A veterinarian came to the scene to help her because her skin was stuck to the wall from the heat.

On December 11, the team ofArizona Humane Society (AHS) had been contacted by a motorist inhabitant Phoenix. While running the engine of his car, the latter heard meows coming from under the hood. He immediately switched off the ignition and understood that chat was there.

Ruthie Jesus, of the’AHS, quickly joined him and both tried to save the animal, which was in fact a female Maine Coon 2 years. The young woman and the owner of the vehicle raised the latter with a jack, removed a front wheel and attempted to access the location of the feline. Unfortunately, they realized that he was stuck up.

Worse yet, the pussy had the glued skin over there heat to 2 metal plates located near the belt, report People. Ruthie Jesus then called the Dr Melissa Thompson, veterinary of the association, who arrived with his surgical kit.

She removed the part of the skin that was stuck on, and cat, which was called Cindy Lou Who, was finally free. She had spent 3 hours in this narrow, hot place. However, his wounds had to be treated urgently.

Taken to the veterinary clinic, she was examined and her wounds cleaned. Melissa Thompson found out she had swallowed pieces of cables and other electrical components by trying to get rid of his trap. 3 operations were needed.

She bravely walked away discount. Cindy Lou Who now waits to be adopted. Here is his rescue in video :

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