Major League Baseball Camp Shohei Ohtani Practices Hitting Over Fence Oversized Bullet | Major League Baseball

Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels practiced batting at a camp in Arizona on the 22nd and showed a big hit over the fence.

At the Angels camp in Arizona, the fielders joined on the 22nd and the whole practice began.

Otani arrived at the stadium after 7:30 am and entered the facility after being tested for the new coronavirus, which is conducted once every two days.

Otani, who practiced pitching with a bullpen the day before, practiced as a pitcher on this day with only light adjustments such as catch balls, and then practiced hitting outdoors with a fielder.

Under the watchful eye of Director Joe Maddon, Otani hit 30 balls with the batting pitcher’s ball while trying both the form that raises the right foot and the form that does not raise it.

Among the big hits over the fence, there is an oversized hit ball that flew to the road outside the site and bounced big, and Otani’s power is still alive.

The Angels camp will continue until February 27th, when the open game will begin on the 28th.


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