Major League Baseball Spring Training underway and with the public

353 days had to elapse, from that already distant March 12, 2020, when the last Spring Training game was held with an audience present for a meeting with these characteristics to be played again in the framework of the spring training with a view to the Major League Baseball 2021 campaign, which began with 14 games on Sunday, February 28 and will end on March 30, as planned and if the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic allow it.

It must be remembered that because of the growing coronavirus pandemic that already by March of last year showed signs of its power in the neighboring country of the North, it had to suspend the training games on many occasions, until finally it was opted for the definitive suspension of all scheduled matches.

After that atypical event, conditions are expected to improve considerably this year and Spring Training can be completed without major shocks, for which both Major League Baseball (MLB) leaders and the Players Union have established a strict protocol program. health and safety with which they hope to come to fruition. The good news is that it has been allowed in some cities to have a public present with capacity between 15% and 25% according to the capacity of the park.

The 30 teams registered in the MLB participate in this stage:

In the Cactus Spring Training League in the southern state of Arizona, the Arizona Diamondbacks are preparing at the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick sports complex, in the city of Scottsdale, where the Colorado Rockies is also home; Chicago Cubs train at Sloan Park Stadium in Mesa; Chicago White Sox prepare at Camelback Ranch Stadium, in the city of Glendale; Cincinnati Reds are playing at the Goodyear Ballpark, in the town of Goodyear, as are the Cleveland Indians; The Kansas City Royals, as well as the Texas Rangers, are using Surprise Stadium, in the city of Surprise; Milwaukee Brewers train at Maryvale Baseball Park, Phoenix; Anaheim Angels at Tempe Diablo Stadium, City of Tempe; Los Angeles Dodgers at the city of Glendale’s Camelback Ranch field; Oakland Athletics at Hohokam Stadium, City of Mesa; San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners at the Peoria Sports Complex stadium, in the city of Peoria, and the San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Stadium in that great city.

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This phase of training and physical-athletic adaptation as well as technical refinement of the baseball players in their various squads are attended by both star players, those who already have a contract signed with each organization, and those who have also already been enrolled, but with an agreement. to appear in the Minor League branches of each team, and also a handful of young players – mostly because there are also veterans – who come as guests in the various preparation fields in the hope of consolidating an eventual contract with each of the groups that have summoned them.

In the training fields in both spring leagues there is a group of Mexican players, many of them already with a contract in hand with their respective Major League organizations, others still waiting for the opportunity to be copted either to have the possibility of being in the starting or expanded roster of 25 and 40 people each or even with a contract with the Minor League teams or branches of world class organizations.

So Spring Training has already started and it should be encouraging to fans of the king of sports that the ball is back on the diamond and even better with the public present.

It is known that the Opening Day of 2021 will be on April 1, and it is a proposal from Dr. Anthony Fauci, in charge of the pandemic in the American Union, that the teams can open the doors to fans for the 2021 season of the Big Top , thanks to the important advance in the vaccination process.

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