Major turned out to be immortal

The series “Major” returned to the audience. The show of the new – fourth – season began on one of the online platforms.

The production of new episodes was carried out by Channel One and the production company Sreda, and the general producers were Alexander Tsekalo and Ivan Samokhvalov.

The plot of the continuation will be transferred nine years ahead from the events of the third season, and the entire main cast returned to their roles, including Pavel Priluchny, Karina Razumovskaya and Lyubov Aksyonova.

– There is one cinematic rule: if the project is not interesting to you personally, then it will not be interesting to the viewer either, – says Pavel Priluchny. – We do so that it is exciting for ourselves. In the new series, the personal life of Igor Sokolovsky still remains difficult and confusing, and he will gradually unravel it. It cannot be said that he will settle down, although the prerequisites for this will also be …

As we managed to find out, the fourth season is also planned to be shown on Channel One, but later – in the new television season.

(IA Stolitsa, photo by Sreda)


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