Man died at hours of 2021 by trailer that hit his house

(NEWS NOW) .- A man died and four people were injured after a trailer driver crashed into an Arizona home while the family was reunited to receive 2021.

Around 7 in the afternoon the Emergency crews gathered at a home in the city of Mesa to find something incredible before their eyes: a trailer was embedded in a residence near an interstate highway.

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According to preliminary reports, the trailer driver took an exit ramp, but the heavy vehicle did not stop until it finished inside the house.

The impact of the trailer left at least five people injured, including the driver.

Two of the injured were rushed to hospital in critical condition and one of them lost his life. The authorities identified the victim as Todd Welliver, 50.

There were 10 people inside the house at the time of impact, including two babies. They were all gathered in the living room when they were surprised by the noise and debris from their own home.

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It was a terrifying moment for both the affected family and the neighbors and they were forced to evacuate the area due to the danger of a gasoline leak.

The semi-trailer went through the entire house and pushed a car that was parked outside the garage, according to AZ Family.

Nik Rasheta, from the Mesa Police Department, told the local media that the investigation of the spectacular accident is ongoing and for now no charges have been filed.

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The driver was subjected to some tests, and preliminary reports highlight that he could have a medical complication just before losing control of the vehicle.

The affected family tried to contact the company that owns the truck, On Land Transport Inc. based in Fontana, California, but have not received a response.

During the first hours of 2021, shocking images began to circulate of the devastation that remained in the family home.


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