Man dressed in phosphorescent jacket assaults cashier through self-service window

The security camera of a fast food restaurant captured the moment when an armed man stole the cash register through the self-service window.

The event occurred in a branch of McDonald’s located in the county of Montgomery, Maryland, when at one in the morning a man wearing a phosphorescent jacket with reflective tapes and a mask approached the self-service window and threatened the employee with a firearm to get him to hand over the money from the cash register.

The employee decided to move away and took refuge in another area of ​​the kitchen, so the suspect decided to take the cash register on his own and then fled the scene.

It is unknown how much money the suspect fled with and, according to the portal Fox News, the authorities released the video publicly in order for someone to corroborate to identify the assailant.

The suspect has not yet been identified (CAPTURE)



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