Man gets drunk in front of the TV at Christmas and changes his name: now his name is Celine Dion

He watched Celine Dion on TV and got drunk, drinking so much that he did something he didn’t remember doing when he woke up. Something incredible. It happens in England where a man named Thomas Dodd a few days ago he woke up one morning and discovered he had changed his name: in fact, in a letter the authorities informed him that they had accepted his request to change his personal details. And her new name was just “Celine Dion”

Thomas (or rather Celine), 30, lives in Staffordshire: to change his name, when drunk, he paid 89 pounds, and upset his mother and sister who didn’t take it well. But after an initial shock, he got used to the idea and now he doesn’t want to go back to his old name: “After seeing his performances at Christmas, obviously I must have thought I had a great drunk idea,” he said. ‘man at Birmingham Live, writes the Daily Mirror (here the article in the original language).

His first thought was at work: “How do I tell that I need to change my name in the email header?” But then he consoled himself thinking that his new name could come in handy in the eventuality of accessing the backstage of the Canadian singer’s concerts, which the thirty-year-old British likes a lot. “Now I just hope not to be stopped by the police, it could be embarrassing”, he confessed to the British media, concluding that “this morning I sang in the shower, but I can say that I have not inherited neither the voice of the real Celine Dion, nor her Bank account”.

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