Man Reportedly Killed Gas Station Attendant and Pregnant Woman – NBC Washington DC (44)

A Maryland man accused of killing a gas station attendant last week in Montgomery County now faces two additional counts of first-degree murder.

The prosecutors Torrey Moore charged with the death of a pregnant woman found in her White Oak apartment while police were executing a warrant for her arrest after the gas station shooting. He is also charged with the death of his unborn child.

According to prosecutors, the woman was 26 years old and 8 months pregnant. Authorities have not yet released her name.

“An autopsy was performed on that case and she died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds,” said Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy.

Moore was already facing a murder charge for shooting an employee at the Shell gas station across the street from his apartment building Thursday afternoon.

Similarly, police reported that Moore got into a dispute with the employee, Ayalew Wondimu, and shot him multiple times.

Authorities are searching for the suspect in the shooting of an employee working at a White Oak gas station Thursday afternoon. More here.

During a brief court appearance Monday on the Wondimu murder charge, a judge ordered Moore to undergo an evaluation to see if he is competent to stand trial.

“We are hopeful that they will find him competent; we will be able to move forward in these cases,” McCarthy added.

Police said hours after that slaying, when a SWAT team went to Moore’s apartment, they found the pregnant woman dead on the floor. They estimate that she had been dead for at least a month.

“The body was in an advanced stage of decomposition,” the official explained.

Authorities also said Moore told detectives his girlfriend died after they got into a fight. He continued to live in the apartment with his decomposing body.

There were no reports of any problems at the unit, police added.

“So whether it’s the sound of gunshots, which sometimes go unreported anymore, or whether it’s a smell, I think if you want to have a safe community, we need to work together,” McCarthy concluded.

According to court records, Moore has been charged with assault, kidnapping, drugs and weapons in the past. It is unknown how he got hold of the gun that was recovered from the apartment.

The authorities still do not know the motives for the shots.

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