Man saves cat from deadly Hurricane Ian

Just before what is probably the deadliest hurricane in US history made landfall, a 29-year-old discovered a stranded cat – and rescued it without further ado.

A man from the US state of Florida became famous almost overnight with a rescue mission: The 29-year-old rescued a cat stranded in Hurricane “Ian”. After his girlfriend posted the video online, it went viral – and the man, Mike Ross, was hailed as a hero.

Video shows an orange cat crouching on an air conditioner outside a home near Bonita Beach. The water on the street is knee deep and clearly moving. Ross wades through the water and climbs a parapet to reach the cat. On his way back, he obviously has to make an effort to be able to stand still in the flood waters. He holds the visibly frightened cat in his arms.

As he later told the Washington Post, the man was staying with his parents to protect himself from the storm. His house was “ten feet under water” and his parents built a “fortress” to survive hurricanes, he said.

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