Man who robbed the Capitol in disguise hasn’t eaten in jail in days: mom says they don’t give him organic food

Jake Angeli in the Capitol dressed as a Sioux warrior.  Photo by Mike Theiller, REUTERS Jake Angeli in the Capitol dressed as a Sioux warrior. Photo by Mike Theiller, REUTERS

Jake Angeli, the man who stormed the United States Capitol disguised as guerrier sioux, one of the most iconic indigenous peoples of North America, refuses to eat at the detention center where he is arrested because he eats only organic food, and security guards do not provide this type of food.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, from Arizona and known as Jake Angeli, “Q-Shaman” or “Yellowstone Wolf”, was arrested for intrusion into a public building, as well as a violent entrance and disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds, as reported by the US Department of Justice.

Angeli has not eaten since her arresthis attorney said Monday in a virtual hearing in federal court, according to The Arizona Republic. “He follows an extremely restrictive diet, possibly for religious reasons”, he assured.

His mother, Martha Chansley, explained the situation of his son. “You get sick if you don’t eat organic food”, he assured, according to the newspaper. “You must eat.” he claimed.

Jake Angeli.  REUTERS / Stephanie Keith / Archives Jake Angeli. REUTERS / Stephanie Keith / Archives

During the virtual appearance before the court, the magistrate judges Deborah Fine pretended to be “Deeply concerned” and asked the defendant’s attorney to resolve the issue with the US Marshals.

Angeli is a member of the movement that revolves around the QAnon conspiracy theory, was born in 2017 following supposed secret revelations about a pedophile and satanic elite who rule the shadow world, with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Pope Francis at the top. And Angeli had raised her profile in this current by drawing attention with her gaze in numerous right-wing protests in the state of Arizona in 2020.

Q-Shaman was captured Wednesday at various scenes of the incidents in Washington, DC. The Arizona Republic newspaper observed their movements during the riots and warned that after entering the Capitol with other protesters, at one point he reached Senate Stadium and posed for a photo holding a spear with an American flag hanging in his left hand.

In addition to the buffalo hide cap and horns, typical of the Sioux culture, Angeli showed her tattoos at all times, among which a triquetra of Celtic origin, the hammer Mjolnir of the Germanic god Thor and a tree of life.

The Arizona Republic explained that, since 2019, Angeli has frequently set up outside the Arizona State Capitol shouting about various conspiracy theories, most of which are supported by the QAnon movement. And in an interview with this newspaper in 2020, the young noticed that he wears the fur hat, paints his face and walks shirtless to get attention to people who want to hear him talk about different truths which he says are hidden by a supposed elite that controls the world.

Jake Angeli Jake Angeli

In February 2020, Angeli was standing next to a crowd that attended a Trump rally in Phoenix. There he carried a sign that said “What sent meAnd asked several present if they knew about the conspiracy; several answered yes. “The snowball has rolled around and it’s just getting bigger. Now we are the general public ”Angeli said at the time.

He was also participating in protests in Arizona to demand the reopening of government-shutdown businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and participated in other protests that questioned the results of the recent US election.

Angeli said that He discovered many conspiracies through his own research on the Internet. This text study includes links between Satanism, pedophilia, power, and the “deep state” – stable officials in sensitive areas such as homeland security and intelligence. “At some point, it all fell into place one way or another. And I was like: Oh my God. Now I see the reality of what’s going on, ”he told the Arizona Republic, and explained that the QAnon movement validated the beliefs it had maintained until 2016.


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