Manchester City – Birmingham City (10th January), odds and odds

On January 10, at 16:30 Moscow time, a match will take place within the framework of the FA Cup, in which the local club Manchester City will host an opponent in the national championship of Birmingham City at their stadium.

After playing away three matches in a row, Manchester City footballers will now finally be able to please their fans, because on January 10, they will have a home game against Birmingham City FC. The last meeting of the teams was only two weeks ago, and then everything ended in a draw with a score of 3-3. Opponents will have a chance to determine the strongest at 16:30 Moscow time.

Manchester City – Birmingham City. WHO IS THE FAVORITE OF THE MATCH?

Manchester City Football Club will play their next home match on January 10th, and Birmingham City FC players are visiting. Moscow time, the game will start at 16:30. Despite the fact that both teams have a long history, they have previously met on the football field only four times. They had two victories of the football club Birmingham City, one won by FC Manchester City, and another meeting ended in a goalless draw.

Manchester City

The last season for the football club Manchester City cannot be called successful, because the team missed the championship title and the Champions League. The head coach was fired because of this and a new foreign specialist was invited. With him, the hosts were in the lead in the championship for several months, but then a slight decline followed, which nevertheless cost the football club Manchester City leadership. So, now the team is already the second, and the gap from the first line is eight points. Moreover, again there is no guarantee that the hosts will make it to the most prestigious European tournament, as the team from the third line has the same number of points, and the fourth and fifth places are one and two points behind, respectively. At home, Manchester City plays much better than away, but still this is not the home game that fans saw the year before last. After five matches without victories, the hosts have won twice in the last four rounds, but also suffered one defeat. The left-back was stretched in training and will not be able to play this match.

Birmingham City

Last season, Birmingham City Football Club won the league title, but this season there is no talk of defending the trophy. The head coach began to have problems with many players of the main squad, so there is no longer that played fighting team that thrashed everyone last year. The guests occupy only the fourth line in the championship, and the gap from the leader is so large that the team now has to fight only to not miss its place in European competitions. Birmingham City Football Club plays equally at home and in away matches, and this season the guests only demonstrate a reliable game in defense, but the team’s performance has fallen dramatically compared to last year. Recently, FC Birmingham City played a streak of eight unbeaten matches, but in the last round, the team unexpectedly lost to an outsider in their field, conceding three unanswered goals. The only loss of the guests is the left forward.

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Manchester City – Birmingham City: author’s forecast

Bookmakers are already actively accepting bets on the football match Manchester City – Birmingham City, despite the fact that it will not take place soon, as it is scheduled for January 10th. There is still enough time to place a bet on the game, because it will be possible to make it until 16:30 Moscow time. This will be the first meeting of the teams within the framework of this season, and last year they played with each other three times, and the hosts of this match won two victories, and one fight ended with a draw.

Due to weakened funding, the Manchester City football club has lost stability, so in recent years it has only moved from one league to another. Two years ago, the team was eliminated from the last place, but last season they managed to return to this division. But, the hosts were not ready to move to a new level, because in this tournament from the very beginning they were fighting for survival, and not very successfully, because at the moment Manchester City is in the penultimate place. It is still quite possible to leave the relegation zone, since the gap is three points, but the team has enough problems that are not easy to solve. Manchester City Football Club has a very short bench, and there are enough veterans in the first squad who cannot play in such a tight schedule. Even at home, the team cannot always demonstrate a good game, and in the last eleven matches there were three wins and eight defeats. Now there are two strikers in the outsider’s infirmary, so the coach has to send a forward from the youth academy onto the field.

After four defeats in a row, Birmingham City Football Club was left without a head coach, so that, since last month, a different mentor, who previously worked only in other championships, leads the guests. The foreign specialist managed to improve the team’s game a little, because in the three matches played under his leadership there were two draws and one victory, so that the football club Birmingham City stopped losing. True, the new coach still has a lot of work to do, because the guests are only ninth in the standings, and the management wants to be able to qualify for the European competition this season. Birmingham City is still seven points behind them, but if the team continues its unbeaten run, it can close this gap. Moreover, Birmingham City does not play weaker on the road than at home. The guests have only a central defender in the infirmary, but he will not be able to play a defensive player yet, as he has too many yellow cards.

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Today match Manchester City – Birmingham City Predictions from BC “BaltBet”

Our experts have no doubt that in a football match where Manchester City and Birmingham City will play, the favorite will easily deal with their rivals. Both the bookmaker’s analysts and our experts rightly believe that the Birmingham City team will not have any problems with their rivals. The guests, who are fighting for the highest places in the standings, are now in excellent shape and went to the home team in the fighting lineup. The home team is now experiencing enormous difficulties: not only does the club need to solve the problem of maintaining a residence permit, but also a large number of injured players of the base add to the problems. In light of these events, our experts believe that the guests will not just win the match, but will do it with a crushing score. Based on this, we recommend taking not only the victory of the Birmingham City team in this match, but also placing bets on the guests’ handicap. The total total of goals scored is seen more in this match, since the game promises to be fun, and if desired, the guests alone can break through the total offered by the bookmakers. Since the match is expected to be rather friendly, our experts believe that the players of both teams will try to play accurately so that they do not injure themselves or their opponents again. Yes, and in personal meetings, the teams only a few times punched the proposed total of yellow cards. Based on this, the overall total of yellow cards in the match is seen to be less.

The match, which takes place on the Manchester City football pitch, will be significant for both football clubs that will play. The Manchester City team and the Birmingham City team are now fighting for the top lines of the standings. Both clubs are performing well, but now that the football season is at its zenith, neither team can relax. Recall that both clubs take part in several tournaments at the same time, so now the team’s coaches need to clearly understand the situation. It is important to choose one tournament, which will become a priority, in which the team’s players will give 100 percent in order to achieve the result. As practice shows, football clubs that are torn between several tournaments in the middle of the season may end up doing nothing by spending the season idling. It is important to focus on one goal, and go towards it in all possible ways. That is why our experts, predicting this football match, say that it is better to watch the game a little and then place bets. Nowadays many bookmakers offer to place bets on the go. In principle, bettors will not lose anything from such an approach, but they will be able to correctly choose the favorite of the match for themselves, because the bookmakers offer us an almost equal line for this match.

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TODAY MATCH Manchester City – Birmingham City. FORECAST FROM EXPERTS

It is always interesting to watch the matches of football teams that are fighting for certain places in the standings. This is not only about the fight for the championship or the fight for the European competition zone. Typically, this fight involves the grandees of modern football, teams that have enough funds to sign star footballers and coaches. Such teams have a rather long bench, so the teams can afford to take part in various tournaments, losing the quality of the game. It is much more interesting to watch the battle of the teams that are located at the bottom of the standings, for which defeat means an inevitable relegation to the lower league, where you will have to spend an entire season showing great football and beating competitors, and all in order to find yourself again among the giants of modern football … The teams fighting for survival do not have million-dollar budgets, mostly rented footballers play in their rosters, and at the helm of the clubs are managers whose monthly or annual salaries are several times more modest than the income that famous footballers have per week. However, these clubs find the strength to fight on equal terms with the giants of modern football, and sometimes gnaw out points from them. It is precisely such football confrontations that cause pride in modern football, such matches want to be watched again and again. Therefore, our experts recommend football fans not to miss the match between Manchester City and Birmingham City.


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