Manchester City – Birmingham City forecast January 10, 2021 16:30

The arena for the match is Etihad (Manchester).

When looking for a suitable forecast for this event, you should not look at the history of the confrontation between these teams, since quite a lot of time has passed since the last game.

Manchester City: Some data on the latest games:
Last time the Manchester City team had a home match with Newcastle United, it took place 7 days ago. Two goals were scored, which decided everything in this meeting
For the match before, the team played away against the club from the city of London – Arsenal 11 days ago. The match pleased with the goals scored. The teams played without looking back at their own goal, which resulted in 5 goals scored

Birmingham: Food for thought:
The last time Birmingham City played at home was Derby County. The team can only hope that this game was an exception. Since a crushing defeat in front of their tribunes here clearly no one expected
The match earlier, the Birmingham City team had an away match with the Nottingham Forest club, it took place 8 days ago. In this confrontation, the teams were unable to identify the strongest. As a result, only one point scored

Bookmakers rightfully consider the home team to be the unconditional favorites of the meeting. The class difference between the teams is huge 1.14 – 1X bet

Kush Predictions in Sports Manchester City – Birmingham

In the last 5 matches, Manchester City have scored more than 1.5 goals on average. Bet on the hosts doing ITM1 (1.50) 3.90 – 1X bet

In the last 5 matches, the Birmingham team has scored more than 0.5 goals on average. Bet on what guests will do ITB2 (0.50) 2.70 – 1X bet

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In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Birmingham club, a total total of 15 goals was shown, the Games of the Birmingham team pleases us with a good attack and implementation of chances, so you can try to take TB 2.5 1.52 – 1X


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