Manchester City – Birmingham City January 10, 2021: professional prediction of Sergei Cheka

Justification of the forecast

For 2 seasons in the FA Cup, the average total MC is 1.45, at our rate of 9 + 2-, well, do not forget that MC is the clear favorite in this match, there should be an easy walk without tough violations

Will the forecast play or not?

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In fact, this is a freight train, where the City is coming from the od 1.08. With such hands, for 2.5 seasons in the MC matches, 1.78 LC is obtained, taking into account the Premier League and cups. At Ettihad, there are 1.6 LCDs on average and 16+ 4-. Birmingham has no special history with such teams. Only a guest meeting with Lester a year ago on the road. Then there were 2 LCDs in the match. Referee Robert Jones, who has little experience in cups and matches with a clear favorite, has been appointed for the meeting. For 5 seasons, there were only 4 matches and 1.75 cartons on average. In general, he is the 15th referee in the Premier League on average T and is in the green zone of rudeness. The distance between the cities is 86 miles, which is a lot for England, so there is no question of any principled meeting. For you to understand, the distance between the stadiums of Liverpool and Everton is only 765 meters, this is a derby.



with kef


While playing contractual games Kalinskaya And dalfu giving 4 games in a row for 25 odds. We are moving to the homeland of football itself. Hell begins it seems that City is one of the best teams in the world, but no matter how it is. There will be a negotiated match and on

In fact, instead of 6/7 / 8-0 there will be 3 / 4-2 city will look weak, I assure you.

The bet will be a handicap +2. 5 Birmingham although after the drain from Maria Sakkari I will not be surprised at anything.


Away (2.5)

with kef




In Game

CCM (2.5)


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