Manchester City, Guardiola: “Other positives, we have to adapt”

© photo Pep Guardiola

Pep Guardiola spoke at a press conference ahead of the match against Birmingham. Here are the words of the Manchester City manager

Pep Guardiola spoke at the press conference towards the FA Cup match against Birmingham.

POSITIVE «Kyle and Gabriel are back on the Old Trafford bench, we’ll see how they react. Ederson, Ferran and Tommy are negative, maybe they can train on Friday. Eric and Cole were isolated after testing positive. ‘

COVID – «It is a mystery how people who test positive will react later. Each case is different: some feel exhausted, others feel better. That’s why you need to see how they feel after their training sessions. That is why it is still a mystery in these terms ».

ABSENCES“It’s better to have everyone, but when that’s not possible, you have to adapt. In this situation we had to adapt. We only had 15 players but the team was incredible, the results were there. The players showed us what we have to do ».

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