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[Voice of Hope December 31, 2020](Comprehensive report by our reporter Zhang Lili)Recently, a number of Republican congressmen have stated that they will challenge the results of the Electoral College at the joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives on January 6 and refuse to authenticate Biden. In response to this, the Biden team responded that the vote counting of the joint meeting was just a “formal approach” and Biden would still be “president-elect.”

The White House press secretary selected by Biden, Jen Psaki, told reporters at an online press conference on December 30 (Wednesday) that no matter what funny moves someone made on January 6, ” President-elect Biden will be sworn in on January 20.

The congressman who initiated the challenge to the Electoral College at the joint meeting was Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks. He said on December 16 that after discussing with some senators, he was optimistic about the action on January 6. He also said earlier that his duty is to oppose the “submissions of the electors of states with serious flaws in the electoral system” on January 6. “The electoral systems in these states have serious flaws that make their votes unreliable and unworthy. Trust and unworthy of acceptance.”

On December 21st, President Trump and Vice President Pence met Brooks, Florida’s Gates (Matt Gaetz), Arizona’s Andy Biggs (Andy Biggs), Ohio’s Jordan (Jim Jordan) in the West Wing of the White House. , Georgia’s Heath (Jody Hice) and several other representatives. They both plan to reject the electoral vote for Biden from the disputed state when Congress meets on January 6.

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And Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri announced on December 30 that he will also challenge the voting results of the Electoral College submitted by the swing state of the United States on December 14 on January 6, becoming the first person to express his position to challenge the election. Senator of the regiment.

US law stipulates that after a joint meeting is held on January 6 to calculate the electoral college votes, two weeks later, on January 20, the new president will be sworn in. Therefore, the joint meeting will be the last part of the American Electoral College system to determine who is the next president.

The Trump campaign senior adviser, Jason Miller, stated that on January 6, if members of the Senate and House of Representatives challenge the electoral votes of the states, the Trump team intends to submit the violation of the rules during the possible congressional debate. evidence.

Miller said that the evidence submitted by the Trump team in Congress will be different from the information submitted to the court in the past few weeks. The Trump team will seek to submit evidence of multiple swing states’ violations in the general election, including evidence related to Wisconsin, Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia.

He said that we want to show specific types of evidence to the American people on the national stage, and we don’t want local politicians to hide them.

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